By Victor Osehobo
In writing this article, some names readily came up mind; those who conspired to insult the National Chairman of the APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole gathering hirelings and forcing them to claim they have suspended him.
Those who went in search of willing tools at various governor’s offices across the country, Minister’s homes in Abuja and several officials of the APC at ward, local government, state and National levels to brew and hawk falsehood against Comrade Oshiomhole to their gullible followers.
Then there are those who conspired to see that the seat they are privileged to occupy after being candidate in a previous election is destroyed because they have lost direction having thrown away the compass guiding their movements and so are hell bent to see the end of APC’s reign in Edo State.
One name however sits in my mind conspicuously; Godwin Noghaghaese Obaseki, using his amorphous makeshift shanty, Obaseki-Shuaibu Support Movement. Today, GO, as he is rather publicly known, may not be contesting the primaries not to talk of flying the APC flag in this year’s 2020 elections like in 2016.
As it were the man has not only bitten the fingers that fed him but have been adept at ensuring that the very hands are destroyed in all its forms. Some very poorly entrenched APC members who are with him because they are being fed with the milk of state, are clamouring for his political adulation that is politically incongruous.
I say this with all authority because his exit from the APC is now a political fact. It was based on his machinations and desperation for a second term which saw him abandoning the task of governance and squandering the opportunity offered him to serve.
That there has been a protracted political war between Obaseki and Oshiomole, and thinking Obaseki would wake up, see himself having the upper hand, that will easily give him the automatic unmerited second term ticket, is at worse a pipe dream!
Obaseki has vowed a fight to finish. He has said his re-election is settled; That his concern now is Edo overtaking Lagos State by 2050. This is his immediate headache! Obaseki who boasted weeks earlier took to begging acclaimed party leaders of the APC in Lagos and Abuja confident that his schemes against Oshiomole will all fail .
Just recently, Oshiomhole, ‘long suspended’ by Obaseki as National Chairman of the APC, hosted a mega rally on the Public Field at Auchi in Edo North, to receive defectors from the suffocating PDP. PDP has had its leaders like Senator Daisy Danjuma and Governor Umahi endorsing Obaseki for an elusive second term.
The success of the mega rally inspite of petty thuggery exhibited few hours to the event by hirelings of some stranded politicians in the locality, to me supports the conspiracy theory that Obaseki, the warrior, might have expended his usefulness to the Edo APC.
To advice Edo politicians, this is exactly the right time to join the APC in Edo State; it does not look likely Obaseki will win this war. In his recent comments, the once vociferous and eloquent speaker now has the tone of a loosing soldier.
There is now no way Obaseki can come to any negotiating Edo APC table, without factoring in the discarding of his cherished second term dream as part of demands and conditions for a truce, which is even unnecessary at this stage, because it is few seconds to midnight!
Therefore, the clamour by citizens of the Torgba community and the clueless Edo2020 4+4 disciples, cannot translate to mean anything politically expedient or meaningful. In my own opinion, it can only be a ship designed to sink with loads of temporary goodwill from the governor, whose hope of political rehabilitation may never see the light of day.
Today, APC Edo is far more united with those who built the house but left in anger, like Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu and his disciples across the 192 wards of the state, returning home to take their rightful place. And deservedly, they are waiting to play the vital role in the 2020 gubernatorial election, and without doubt, retain Edo for the APC.
Osehobo is Head, Content Development, POI Media.

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