The member representing Esan West Local Government Area in the House of Assembly, Marcus Onobun, has broken protocol, defied the odds and has become the first Edo State Government official to condemn recent attacks on offices and residences of Edo APC party chieftains.The lone voice of Onobun of the disabled State legislature came this week in the wake of the silence by the Governor, the Chief Security Officer of the state who spent over N2billion last year erecting a state security architecture. He has not visited any of the 3 victims of these incidents or even condemn same, since they began last month.The orgy began the law chambers of former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Henry Idahagbon, 48 hours after the Chief Security Officer instructed local government area chairmen of the APC to deal with anybody going contrary to “the way we know how to best do”.The law chambers was attacked by gun men with several persons injured in the complex along Siluko where his chamber is located and businesses in the complex destroyed.Idahagbon said that the gunmen who came in three vehicles fired several shots at his office located on Siluko Road, near the popular Oliha Market.He said that he was in his office, attending to his clients when it was hit by the volley of bullet shots which were sited on the midfloor of the three-story building.“I was in my office, attending to some clients when I heard the echoes of gunshots directed at my office. I immediately ran out. Thank God, nobody was injured. The windows were shattered while the building is pockmarked with bullets. I have reported the matter to the police.”One of those injured, Mr. Alufa Osayiniye said he was at the office of Idahagbon when people started shouting and the next thing he had were gunshots and decided to bend down as blood came out of his head.“I was sitting down. I came to see our leader, Hon. Henry. Idahagbon. I was seated there with others when we started hearing them scattering things and shouting”, he said.This was over three weeks ago. The Governor did not visit the scene, call or condemn the act.Days after the Idahagbon episode, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief Francis Inegbeneki had his house in the GRA of Benin City, Edo State, also attacked with substance believed to be Improvised Explosive Devises, IED, while he was away preparing for a rally in his village in Opoji, Esan West Local Government Area of the state.Inegbeneki said he believed the attack was politically motivate, adding his son and his pregnant were in the house when the incident happened.’I got the news of the attack at 3:30a.m., on February 1, 2020. I am still in shock, I am traumatised, my family members are traumatised because of the explosion. Whoever did this, I want to tell them that they have started a battle they cannot finish.“My son was at home with his pregnant wife, they called that there was an explosion in the house. The security man told me that he saw a white hilux truck. When he heard the sound of the vehicle, he opened his window and saw the white hilux truck in front of the next compound and immediately, another person came out of the car to say ‘no no be dis one, na the next one’ so they reversed and came to my place.“The security man said he was watching them from his window, he said they lifted something and threw it into the compound that made a little crack and they threw another one, which made a big blast, then the people entered their truck and drove away.He said, “I told my son to go and report to the police in the morning which he did. We have reported to the police and DSS. My son told me that men of the bomb disposal unit came to the house to remove the IED that did not explode, so since then, my people are shaken and we are living in fear.”However though the Edo Police had begun a preliminary report from its bomb disposal unit, the Chief Security Officer of thee state also neither visited the victim or condemned it.This week it was the turn of the State secretary of the APC, Mr Lawrence Okah to have his residence bombed. He was asleep at midnight when he heard a loud noise and woke up to find that it a bomb had been detonated in his house.He said it was by luck that he and other members of his family including his wife and aged mother, survived the attack. According to him, a second bomb that fell close to his bedroom failed to detonate, otherwise, it would have been more devastating.Okah said that the members of the police anti-bomb squad who came to the scene removed the bomb that failed to detonate, shortly after the first bomb blast wreaked havoc on parts of his residence.He alleged that the attack was politically motivated and targeted at him for not supporting the governor in his second term re-election bid. Again he did not hear from the Chief Security officer of Edo.Onobun has called on those using bombs to settle political disputes to have a rethink. He described the crisis rocking the APC in the state as unfortunate and the resort to political violence culminating in the use of explosives by politicians as unacceptable.“Politics is a game. We should not take it to the point of using machetes and woods, not to talk about explosives. I am very much ashamed that it is happening and issues are revolving around my party, the APC.“It has never happened. I call on those who are involved for whatever is the intention, to desist from such behaviour and dangerous act. We Edo are peaceful people. All over the country, we are known to be very hospitable. Why should we be using explosives to harass ourselves?” he queried.

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