BY Sylvester Osaghae

Sometimes I wonder how some people access public office. The man crusoe Osagie, since his appointment as Obaseki’s media aide, has never acted and spoken like an officer of government. All his comments have always been childish and illogical. Even a man in a trance cannot infer that the recent bombing in Edo could be traceable to Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu. The statement is akin to trivialising serious security matter.

Here is a man whose Principal, Governor Obaseki, had publicly ordered his supporters to kill and maim any one perceived as his political enemies. The video clip where Obaseki instructed his supporter to go after persons who are against his second term bid went viral. It is no ruse! The following day, the Chambers of the former Attorney General of Edo state, Henry Idahagbon Esq was attacked. Since then, it has been daily bombing of the homes of notable APC chieftains who are not in support of Gov Obaseki’s failed second term bid.

It will therefore be paralogistic for any sane human to finger Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu in these shameful, irrational and desperate attempts by Governor Obaseki and his cohorts to muzzle all opposition to his ticket for second term in the APC.

Suffice to add too that it is akin to self delusion for any one to reason that these attacks are coming from the camp of those who are opposed to Governor Obaseki’s bloody ambition. Is Crusoe Osagie and his hirelings telling Edo people that those who are against Obaseki’s ambition are bombing their own homes? Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Similarly, the corky and power drunk Commissioner for Information, Paul Ohunbamu had also stated that those bombing the homes of the APC chieftain were the same people fanning a state of emergency in Edo state. This again does not add up. The bombing of the homes of those opposed to Governor Obaseki’s second term has nothing to do with orchestrating a state of emergency.There are conditions for declaring a state of emergency. Paul Ohunbamu as a lawyer knows better than the dud and fallacious theorems being peddled by him. Paul Ohunbamu should save himself public odium by being circumspect as he struggles to please his failed principal.

Every rational person knows that the bombing of some selected APC leaders’ homes across Edo State, who are opposed to Governor Obaseki’s reelection is the handiwork of Governor Obaseki and his Deputy Governor who is a notorious hacker and a bloody warlord.

The current developments are pointers to the forthcoming APC Primary. It shows the level of desperation that the Governor has descended to. Unfortunately, the use of force to compel political compliance and support, hardly yields the desired result.

Political support is anchored on persuasion coupled with good governance. It does not matter the number of amoured cars rolled out to suppress, oppress and intimidate opponents; resistance will certainly prevail. The people will naturally resist ingratitude, executive lawlessness, gross underdevelopment and insincerity on the part of public holders. This is the reality on ground today in Edo state.

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