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Former Minority Whip of the House of Representatives and immediate past Executive Director of the Nigerian Communications Satellite Ltd Barrister Samson Osagie has described calls by some individuals particularly the former TUC President Peter Esele as grossly misplaced and borne out of malice.
Osagie who was fielding questions from newsmen upon his arrival from the United Arab Emirates said that some Edo politicians who have been begrudging Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, National Chairman of the APC has now found opportunity to join the cacophony of noisemakers calling for the removal of the National Chairman.According to him ” painful as the loss of Bayelsa via judicial pronouncements may seem, it does not call for the head of the National Chairman of the party. In any case , he ( National Chairman) has expressed his utter disapproval of the judgement and his immediate reactions proves that he is gravely concerned about what has happened. In any event he, as a true leader has indicated the readiness of the party to seek ways of redressing what has happened. I read on my way here how some Comrades turn politicians castigated the National Chairman and accused his leadership of several misdemeanors. To me, it seema like a premeditated attack on the National Chairman because they have the opportunity and are close enough to offer advice when necessary “.Hon Samson Osagie, described the Oshiomhole led APC as a vibrant party noting that the challenges of leading a Ruling party is enormous more so when politicians usually always focused on the next election.
He said” Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has done well as National Chairman and given the fact that party members particularly in Edo are taking positions on the next Governorship elections it is not unnatural that some of those who felt aggrieved against Adams Oshiomhole in the build up to 2016 election will naturally begin to gravitate towards those they considered will advance their political interests particularly as the incumbent Governor is wooing a particular district where this critic comes from with the Governorship of Edo in 2023 if he survives the self inflicted crisis he is currently facing.Hon Osagie call on all party men and women to join hands with the National leadership of the party to grow it into an institution where discipline and internal democracy will be enthroned. He urged everyone to take advantage of the Chief Bisi Akande’s led National Reconciliation Committee to mend all broken fences in order to make the party stronger.

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