By Davidson Momoh

I read a disaster of an article titled, ” Edo need Obaseki not Barabbas”, by Paul Ohonbamu, in the Nairaland forum. The piece does not warrant a response but for the records to be set straight, it is necessary.Ohonbamu is one man who is supposed to be the Edo state Commissioner for the Ministry of information but erroneously christened Ministry of Communication and orientation; an identity which has seen the Commissioner going to sleep over his duties since he was erroneously appointed in 2017.I say this because in the last three years, a pupil deacon from the Heritage Assembly Benin City who was a support hand in the Agric Desk of This Day Newspapers, Mr Crusoe Osagie who was appointed as Special Adviser on Media and Strategy by Mr Godwin Obaseki has swallowed up, both Ohonbamu and his Ministry.Any way his article tried in vain to explain why Edo people after November 2020 will be better off with an Obaseki still in office. For me that is a dream that will never see the light of day. Its like Darkness aspiring to transform into light. And that is why I titled this response to Mr Ohonbamu, “Edo needs Light not darkness”!Every people has the seed of its own redemption or destruction. It is a choice between darkness and light; no one cannot borrow an item from darkness without consequences. Governor Obaseki has gone too far in turning back the good fortunes and fame of Edo State which Comrade Adams Oshiomhole won for her between 2008-2016.Today Edo has retrogressed massively. That is why those who want him out are very vocal.The battle in Edo today is between agents of darkness and forces of light. Here is a man who had no dream to be a commissioner suddenly found himself a Governor by Providence. He did not fight for the office. It fell on his laps. This is the choice before the people of Edo State today. In this piece, the forces of light is a metaphor for the four Positive alternatives to Governor Obaseki. They are Osagie Ize lyamu, Charles Airhiavbere, Pius Odubu and Chris Ogiemwonyi. These four had shown ambition before Obaseki. In fact Ize-Iyamu ran for the office against Obaseki, challenged the victory at the tribunal up on to the Supreme Court and congratulated him, in the hope that Obaseki had good intentions for Edo people.But after three and a half years on the saddle today, with Governor Obaseki, the condition of government has been negatively altered as he has turned governance upside down preferring to operate as a Sole Administrator in a democracy where his party won all of 24 seats in the state legislature but has only 9 members pretending to be a legislature!.Governor Obaseki parted ways with the people who toiled in the campaigns at the units, wards and local governments , collecting available goodwill to get him into office. He concluded that they want him to share Edo state money like akara balls to them whereas he should use same to build markets, roads, schools, an Health facilities for the people. And ironically he is not building anything but acrimony, chaos, violence and anarchism, in a state where is Chief security officer.Obaseki today stands alone or better still, he stands with himself as Ohonbamu rightly pointed out. When one pays attention to the history of Obaseki in Benin, many will agree that in 2020 he has chosen to embark on a journey through a nonexistent route to an unknown destination. That place cannot be Osadebey Avenue or Edo Government House as His actions today as a custodian of state power is soon to be history.It is said that the Chief Executive of a State Government is the power House of the government and Obaseki squandered the life time opportunity to make an impact. Rather than use the position to bring the government closer to the people, ensure the addition of value to government, and the enhancement of the fortunes of Edo people, he rather preferred to use it to undermine public interest in the worst three years of Edo state underdevelopment and backwardness visible in numerous but worthless MOUs, partnerships and preliminary reports, many of which were dead on arrival with his Chinese, Indian and Italian collaborators: a feat which has seen his diaspora Commissioner incarcerated in a European jail.Obaseki believes in primitive accumulation of public wealth and arrogance of power. All the distortions and disarticulations that negate democracy reside in his bosom. Above all, he is a formal entrepreneur of betrayal and state violence against poor hapless citizens he vowed to defend. These cannot by no means be part of the definition of good governance.Due to Obaseki’s poor judgement, all the legacies of the government of Oshiomhole era in Edo are in coma: tayo akpata university, college of Agriculture, School of nursing to mention a few in his own Senatorial district, Edo South.With Obaseki, as Edo governor after 4-years, as Ohonbamu argued you will realise that the politician’s mouth has two edges like Esimuda’s sword. It is murder both ways. When they tell you their tale, ask them to wait till you bring a sieve. Whoever believes what they say has his ears blocked by the carcass of the truth. This man and his agents from the dark must face reality and know that the politics of “merit” and those of “cause and effect” cannot be sacrificed on the altar of betrayal and violence.Coming to the soon to be held Edo 2020 APC primaries, Obaseki’s affiidavited certificate and fake credentials as a source of strength will suffer intimidation and damnation. Edo State being the only APC State in South-South, cannot be left to a castrated soldier who delights in quarrelling, fighting and insulting his Commanders at the field of battle otherwise APC in Edo State will take a long sleep before sunset.Obaseki and his agents must be shown the way out of Edo State and the APC because history will judge every Edo person and the judgment of history is not subjective; neither can it be rigged. Obaseki and his cohorts have not done well at all and they will be worse given a second chance. As Gordon A.J. puts it “The hours of this present life are ages in embryo of life to come:”Governor Obaseki’s account in Edo State is that of a failure and must be ended fast and now. The governor has fallen short of Edo people’s expectations and friends of development know that a detour will be the best thing to do. As William Shakespeare puts it, “There is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at the flood lead to fortune, omitted all the voyage of their lives is bound in shallows and miseries.”#Edomustmoveforward

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