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Edo people deserves to know wether governor Godwin Obaseki was qualified to contest the 2016 governorship election.It is also important to know wether the affidavit so far deposed before a High Court was valid and a true reflection of the status of his learning certificate.We are baffled that despite numerous agitations by concerned citizens of Edo state calling on the embattled governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki to clear his name over allegation of certificate forgery and perjury, the governor or the state govt has kept mute believing the allegation will just fly away.We are aware that governor obaseki will be seeking a second term in office and would be obliged to present his certificate as required by law.We are not sure whether the governor, Mr Godwin obaseki will be contesting under his current party, All Progressive Congress or any other political party.We are sure that any political party will now be more thorough in their screening exercise in view of the recent supreme Court judgement against the deputy governor elect of Bayelsa state, for certificate forgery and particularly the annulment of the governorship election victory of the APC in that state.This annulment was very painful because an election validly won through ballot box with valid votes can be so annulled on the ground of certificate forgery. Such annulment became avoidable if thorough screening exercise was carried out by the party’s screening committee.Governor obaseki may face challenges during screening exercise and could be disqualified if he continued to keep quiet regarding his certificate controversy.
Not long governor obaseki will be made to clear this mysteries concerning his result.We are aware that governor obaseki may begin to face legal hurdles as various interest groups and opposition political party are beginning to go to court requesting governor obaseki disqualification from contesting the next governorship election.There is also the court of public opinion, this court believed that governor obaseki has alot of questions to answer regarding his sworn certificate affidavit and his actual certificate. His claim to have attended University of Ibadan with just three WAEC credit result and entering the university the same year has cast doubts about the qualification of Mr Godwin Obaseki. His claim that he secured his degree certificate within three years needs further clarification, especially when we are all aware that most degrees offered in Nigeria Universities usually takes four years to complete.In the case of the governor, the hunter is about to be hunted. It is my opinion that governor Godwin Obaseki should urgently resigned from office if indeed true that he lied under oath or if indeed he cannot present the certificate so far claimed under oath in 2016.This is a serious allegation that Mr governor cannot avoid providing answers. His integrity and that of the office of the governor is at stake here. He must provide answers otherwise resign from office with immediate effect.*Hon Pius Alile Is A Political consultant and Social Analyst*

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