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The state chairman, Chief Dan Orbih, on Wednesday February 19, 2020, in company of some party leaders in his residence played host to H.E. Mr Ketil Karlsen, European Union Ambassador to Nigeria.They chatted about current affairs in the country including politics, judiciary, illegal migration and women trafficking as well as the role EU have been playing to assist in the political and economic development of Nigeria.Mr Ketil emphasized on the role and importance of the opposition in democratic consolidation. He disclosed that since the restoration of democracy in 1999 the EU has spent over EURO 100 million towards supporting various democratic institutions such as INEC, Political Parties, Civil Society and Media, including deploying hundreds of long and short term observers, and producing reports and recommendations on how to improve the electoral processes.He noted that the EU operates on the basis of impartiality and neutrality and urged parties and politicians to allow for transparent primaries, more participation by women and the youth, as well as to desist from promoting hate speech.He urged Nigerian politicians to show restraints in their quest for power and appealed for peace and non-violence as Edo 2020 approaches. He said the EU was also meeting other political parties and passing on the same message.He advocated collaborative effort and sincerity of purpose in the effort to amend the electoral law and pledged EU’s willingness to support the process.He reported that the EU has over 3000 projects across the Niger Delta and that the EU is partnering and corroborating with Edo State government on many projects.In a question and answer session with some party leaders present, he highlighted the role the EU was playing to help in the repatriation of youths trapped along illegal migrants routes and rehabilitating them to cut the illegal trade.The interactive session ended with a commitment that EU will be in Edo during the Guber election to monitor the entire process.SignedChris Osa Nehikhare

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