By Victor Osehobo

It is part of a Human being’s political sagacity to read and understand the politics of the times, become a part of it and actively or stay aloof.

Any politician worth his salt knows that ab initio he or she must seek relevance by associating with people of like minds and belonging to a critical mass with genuine plans to improve their lot.

All Politics is local, as the great National Chairman of APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole reechoed recently and as such the articulate politician must seek to associate with the stakeholders who are part of a national movement at his ward and local government area.

In Edo Central Senatorial District today, there is the growing clamour to kick-out the PDP out of the zone having succeeded in doing so, at the state level. This is a popular clamour because for all the support PDP reaped from the zone it did not justify same with any form of goodwill.

Esan people are moving away from the PDP to the APC fast as they see the hope for the actualization of their collective dream for a governor from the zone sooner than expected, after Osunbor squandered an opportunity.

One of the persons the people are looking up to help galvanize forces is the Okanlete of Esan Land, General Cecil Esekhaigbe rtd., PH.D, a soldier, well respected and regarded for his exemplary tenure in the Nigerian Army.

The General is a complete gentleman who believes that his desire for the growth and development of Esanland can be better realised if he associates with a party that is in power at the National level.

That is why he pitched tent with APC. Nobody can begrudge him for that. It is his right, his freedom – to associate or belong to any association. That is a human and fundamental right the Nigerian Constitution recognises and defends.

It is therefore an act of mischief for some to be crying louder than the bereaved alluding to the falsehood that the General ought to have been part of the PDP. The PDP is a party Esan people are leaving in droves. Joining it would have amounted to political suicide for this statesman of a builder, a leader and elder who look certain to wear bigger shoes in the days to come.

We commend General Cecil Esekhaigbe for showing leadership and direction for Esan people at this time, opening his arms wide to receive Great Edo sons like Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu and others seeking support for the party primaries in June.

General Cecil Esekhaigbe rtd has just taken a bold step, with this move, into a sure path that will see him supervise and with popular support, the political direction of Esan in 2020, and beyond.

No man is God and so His choice of the APC is a right political calculation, deserving of applause and commendation from all who wish Esan good. With the exit of Chief Tony Anenih, the Esan people needed a General Cecil Esekhaigbe rtd for the big task ahead.

And here is a man who is ready and willing to carve his name in gold in the hearts of Esan people. All Esan must rally round this great son of ours. We must not allow past political misadventure to haunt us into wrong choices.

The Okanlete of Esan Land has captured this succinctly in the past when he said, “My father once told me that those who encourage a child to over-eat in the night, may not accompany the child to the toilet in the mid-night”.

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