By Celestine Itsuokor

Those that worked against the people to deprive Edo State of its fair share of good governance are today reaping what they sowed.

In Edo State, they are the Vagabonds in Power (VIPs), whose sole responsibility is not the protection of lives and properties, but the destruction of lives and properties.

These VIPs are known for and this they continue to perpetuate sorrow, tears and blood.

But the good people of Edo state rejoice as they are hopeful that a redeemer is coming soon to right the wrongs of these vagabonds in power.

Lets all Join the movement,that will bring Hope to our people. Its the POI train and like a tsunami is coming close to where you are. Don’t miss the train!

#POI is the man
#Edo is the state
#APC is the party


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