The political situation in Edo state is getting interesting and gradually taking a definite shape. Comrade Adams Oshiomhole was returned to office having suffered some hiccups orchestrated by some elements in the APC who do not deserve him, but against all odds, he triumphed a day after the ides of March.

The internecine feud smothered by the court and the vanquished is back home to lick his wounds!
And “Beware the ides of March” the Shakespeare’s soothsayer said, what happened thereafter was the assassination of Julius Caesar because he doubted the warning! So it is with him that attempted to erase history.

Those that approached the court for his removal, as a matter of fact wanted inter alia to celebrate his political obituary, so as return Gov. Obaseki for the second time to office through surreptitious procedure and stratagem. This was made known, when upon the pronouncement of Comrade Oshiomhole’s suspension from office, there was excitement and the infamous “tógba” mantra and the double four fingers took the space with the conviction that his exit has sealed the deal. Unbeknownst to them that the “man with seven lives” was going to magnanimously bounce back.

Consequently, the campaign strategy metamorphosed – and there was an outbreak of unprecedented, irritating and irrational campaign, intimidation and verbal assault, especially in the social media space. It became so alarming that people thought that the political life span of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has been cut short. But, our God who taught us to be civil and generous towards each other never sleeps nor slumber. He saw it all and waited to allow those opposers, whose stock in trade is to devalue people to further expose the darkness in their hearts.

But when victory came for the Iyamoh son, jubilation and solidarity songs was the order of the day. The truth which the ignoramuses in the camp of Gov. obaseki seek to hide through propaganda came to life in the minds of the people who saw how the Comrade Governor held the bull by the horns in the days leading to the emergence of the incumbent Governor. This brings Brandon Sanderson to mind, when he said; “truth cannot be defeated … even if people do forget occasionally”.

Now that Comrade Adams is back to office, the big question that begs for an answer is: what is the fate of the “paymaster”? Undoubtedly, millions of naira must have been wasted on the wild goose chase and the sad reality hangs like the sword of Damocles – serving as a constant reminder of the perils of engaging in a confrontation with ones benefactor.

Going forward, if the truce as evinced in the speech of Comrade Oshiomhole is anything to go by, what will be the fate of those you wittingly clamoured for the total collapse of the APC and those who knotted it? This is one of the numerous questions to be answered.

As the primaries draw near, it is engaging to start making genuine plans towards its success irrespective of the prayers of those who wish and hope for trouble. The future of the state is a task that must be studied and implemented – and this can only happen when the right pegs are put in the right holes. Amongst those that have shown interest, only one person stands out and he is ready to light up the darkness that has enveloped the land.

Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu is the alternative energy that can propel the engine of governance at full throttle and still maintain maximum balance. At this time, he deserves a place in history so that posterity can look up at us when we are gone and say “Thank you” for giving Edo state the oxygen to breath when it was at the brink of asphyxiation.

As I conclude, I want to be at peace with myself and to say that governance as secured in the hearts of the electorate is not hinge solely on education but with a combination of ingenuity and shrewdness, and I think the incumbent lacks both.

Mallam Omo-Iredia Osakue writes from Turin, Italy.

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