To start this, let me clear that, I am an Edo person. I think and advocate for a better Edo irrespective of any political party. To that extent, it with be suicidally criminal not to be interested in whatever is going on in all the political parties that are visible in Edo State.

Having said the above, I can therefore authoritatively say, the Edo State PDP 2020 State Congress may have come and gone but the intrigues and gimmicks therein remains in our memories. One thing that must also be remembered is, it was the most seamless and crisis free in the Congresses ever held in Nigeria(across all political party). Players accepted end result without blemish and talk upon talks. That was a class and political maturity in Edo State.

Although, the position of the Party State Chairman was not zoned to the Edo Central but understanding the political dynamics of Edo State, it was very clear to some of us that, the arrow was directing its point to the very Senatorial district where Dr. Tony Aziegbemi originated.

The faces of two prominent Esan sons were visible in the process as it were. While we the Esan people were canvassing for one to step down for the other without mincing any word, some non Esan people were busy telling us who to chose amongst the stars. I had to address some of them. Today, we have been vindicated by the end result.

The above best explains why Sen. Lawal Shuaibu’s statement that, Governor Godwin Obaseki is APC best candidate for Edo 2020 is the most useless statement in recent time. The Deputy National Chairman, North, of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC Sen. Lawal Shuaibu who has just been given a life line in APC returned to the party after the Comrade Adams Oshiomhole-led National Working Committee NWC extended an olive branch to all officials who were hitherto suspended from the National Working Committee.

As far as am concerned, himself and his likes can discuss APC matter as it affects Nigeria at national level. We are very less concerned about that their craziness of who is the captain of Aso Rock Football Team. We have since acknowledged the fact that, they have no other business except the business of Nigeria government resident in Aso Rock.

That, he will be choosing for us in Edo State, is the most ridiculous thinking of the century. He should know that, this is not marrying many wives and producing uncountable children known to them. If he does not know, his statement alone can work against the Governor, he must be told now. They want to control Abuja Aso Rock, why do they want to also decide for us as to who should be Captain of Dennis Osadebe Avenue?

In fact, for that reason and of his statement, it is going to be Operation Obaseki Must Go. Yes, I mean, #ObasekiMustGo. After all, Godwin Obaseki promised Edo people Gelegele Seaport. Godwin Obaseki promised Edo people 200,000 jobs. Unfortunately, the man known for signing MOUs is yet to meet any of his electioneering promises. He could not even manage his party men. No teachers in Edo State Owned Colleges. He is not funding the higher institutions. He has succeeded in brining down the ones (Institutions) he met. Most of the roads constructed under him are already failing as a result of poor handling. Tell me the competent Engineers in his cabinet so, why will the roads not fail? He and his other three men have succeeded in looting away the security votes and other moneys coming to the state to the extent that, our security have be jeopardized. The capital flight in Edo is the worse in any other State in Nigeria. Obaseki is the worse Governor since the beginning of this Republic. No bursary, no student’s incentives. He is busy fighting his political party men in the name of no Godfatherism. He goes about telling people that, he does not want to loot Edo funds for the few whereas, he is looting it for even fewer people. Obaseki should tell us the total moneys that have come to Edo State since 2016 including all the borrowings. He should compare it to the over bloated contracts awarded to renovate Ogbemudia Stadium, Benin Technical School etc. The only thing Obaseki can boast is, his looting staff are buying houses in Canada and other parts of the world sending their families to live therein. That he is now contracting Edo politics to the likes of Sen. Lawal, Ameachi and co is to shown how unpopular he is fast becoming in Edo State politics.

Of course, his benefactors may not agree with me. I don’t expect less anyway but the facts are there to check. Records don’t lie. Obaseki should openly tell the world the total number of people in Edo State Civil service. That he pretends to be paying salaries is not a promise fulfilling. Vice Chancellors, Rectors and Head of Colleges of Edo State owned institutions are seriously crying for help. Of course, they won’t even have the temerity to resign or talk in the public. Anyone should have private discussions with these guys. You will be shocked and amazed that, these guys are ‘Felarising’: suffering and smiling. I had opportunity to interact with some of them and even the students of Edo University, Iyamoh, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Akpata University, Ekiadolor, the school fees are crazy. I was imagining how parents whose salaries are less than N80k combined can send their kids to these schools. I attended Auchi Poly, University of Benin, Obafemi Awolowo University and University of Lagos. The total moneys I paid from Auchi to Lagos is not enough for one sessional school fee at Edo University, Iyamoh under this same Obaseki’s government. So, I really wonder how those promoting that Governor known for betraying gets their facts.

Only few months ago, Godwin Obaseki appointed about 198 SSAs/SAs when the Colleges in the State have no teachers. The very question was that, what is Obaseki doing with 198 SSAs/SAs when indeed, there are no teachers in the State owned Colleges? Some are already resigning anyway. Some are just waiting for the jungle to mature.

So, who thinks for Godwin Obaseki? What is wrong in bringing back Edo Line and Bendel Brewery? No matter what it may cost the State Government, Edo Line alone can attract not less than 10,000 jobs to be created under six months. Does that guy forget that, shortcuts jobs does not last? Who thinks for this guy for God sake? Of course, most of his SSAs and SAs are attacks dogs lacking the brains to think positively.

With due respect to all, Sen. Lawal Shauibu should tell us the numbers of Bills he sponsored when he was a Senator. In fact, that name never rang any bell until now. It seems Adams Oshiomhole does not know how to manage his like when they are your subordinates. They like free moneys. Just allow them provided, isn’t affecting your output much. His likes must keep their mouths if they have nothing positive to talk about Edo politics. We will solve our political dilemmas ourselves. Edo people know where to go when the time is come.

Adams Oshiomhole is our son irrespective of any political party he belong. We won’t sacrifice his time for Ameachi’s desire, known for fighting his own. If the Bayelsans allowed him to fight GEJ that, GEJ lost, we won’t allow Ameachi to do any dirty job to remove Adams Oshiomhole from APC National Chairman. We know how to flog Adams Oshiomhole when the issues are localised. When he was forcing Buhari on us, these same dudes never considers removing him. As it stands, Adams Oshiomhole must be allowed to complete his tenure.

So, I challenge both Edo PDP and APC to bring forward their credible candidates to enable us to chose the best amongst them. This is my stand.

Good day.

Mike O. Enahoro

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