By Davidson Momoh

First he said
“Governor Obaseki is the strongest candidate of the APC we have in Edo State.”

Then he said:
“We all heard President Buhari during the last NEC meeting announced that any governor who has performed deserve a second term”.

Some of us read the above statement credited to the deputy national chairman, North of the All Progressives Congress, Senator Lawan Shuaibu, a few hours ago.

It would have been unnecessary to respond to the words of this myopic and garrulous man who likes to hear himself speaking but courtesy demands it and also for the records.

As a stakeholder in Edo, full blooded son of Edo, who was born in Edo and has been living in Edo even before Obaseki became governor, I have to respond to this gaffe by Shuaibu.

Who determines a governor’s performance? What are the factors involved in determining such performance? Certainly, the APC in Edo and voters in Edo! Not strangers or paid experts on EDO politics!

First I think Mr Shuaibu did not speak out of knowledge, he was merely hawking his ignorance about Edo politics.

Secondly Mr Shuaibu had to let his paymasters know that he has delivered.

Thirdly, Shuaibu is a political illiterate because nobody, no matter highly placed from outside his unit, ward, LGA, state or tribe will attempt to impose a weak candidate on his constituents.

Outside these reasons there is no rationale whatsoever for this man to have ‘chooked’, his big snout in a matter that clearly does not concern him in any way at all.

This is man who in November 2005 was suspended by the Zamfara ANPP citing anti-party activities and gross violation of the ANPP constitution.

In February 2006 the ANPP National Executive Committee ratified this decision, showing that Shuaibiu was a nut case.

Shuaibu does not love Edo state more than Edo people. In fact there are doubts if he can identify Edo on a map of Nigeria.

This man’s love for Edo people was visible when he was nominated to serve as a member of a Task Force to accelerate the passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill in the National Assembly.

A bill that would have benefitted Edo as a part of Niger Delta but he declined the offer saying he was busy!

But his predicament can be overlooked since he speaks from a position of a hireling, who thrives on cheap controversy. And he must be ignored by all well meaning Edo people!

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