My dear Owan peopleThis is an APPEAL. Take the Coronavirus very seriously. It is a deadly virus. It has humbled nations. It is destroying powerful businesses. Italy did not take it seriously. Today it has killed more Italians than Chinese.Follow the health and safety instructions already issued. Wash hands very regularly. Distance yourself from others as much as possible, seek help if you are sick, use your sanitizer often, avoid all gatherings and please take good care of yourself and loved ones.Coronavirus has no respect for your age, money, size, beauty, village, nationality, religion or political party . It is already in Nigeria. Before government will close all schools, close major airports to foreign flights, ban all officials from foreign travel, ban flights from many countries including the USA, cancel religious and other gatherings and close major airports, you can know that it is a very serious matter.Again, this is an appeal. I am begging you all, my dear people, please, please and please, take the coronavirus very seriously. May God continue to protect and bless us all.Your Representative,Hon. Prof. Julius O. Ihonvbere, OON.
MHR, Owan Federal Constituency

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