“Thank you, Your Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari for understanding the critical role Lagos plays.With the approved grant to Lagos state and other measures initiated, we believe we can increase our capacity and contain the spread of #COVID19.Our #COVID19 advocacy team has been empowered with more vehicles to aid information dissemination to all parts of our state.Ignorance is not an excuse and if we are following news from around the world, the virus is no respecter of persons.We must all take Responsibility.I am happy to announce an economic stimulus package to help our residents cushion the effects of our #StayAtHome directive to stop the spread of #COVID19.This first stage is targeting 200,000 households at an estimation of 6 people per household. We hope to ramp it up quickly.The stimulus package will contain bags of rice, beans, garri, bread, dry pepper, drinking water and vitamins. We want each ration to last for 14 days as we continue to evaluate the impact of #COVID19.Please stay home with your loved ones. We want the best for you”.-@jidesanwoolu
Governor, Lagos State.

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