Nigerian Nationals who went abroad before the country lockdown its airports to international flights, over the Covid-19 have appealed to the Federal Government of Nigeria to allow them return home.

In a press statement, a former Civil Commissioner in Edo State, Hon.Mrs Omorede Osifo-Marshal, who is one of those involved said the airports closure has affected many Nigerians who travelled for short business or holiday trips, abroad.

“Many of us who don’t like to stay outside our Country Nigeria for long, are tired of being abroad
and would like to be allowed to come back home. Some Nigerians are also getting stranded abroad especially with the trend, the Covid-19 is taking in Europe and the Americas”.

She said, just like many Western countries which are already evacuating their citizens from Nigeria and other African countries, Nigeria should follow suit.

” The federal government should reopen the airports, allow us to return home and since it has already put in place facilities to test persons entering the country, we should be subjected to relevant tests and quarantined where necessary “.

The Federal government had last week announced the closure of all the country’s airports to international flights till April 23, 2020.

For Hon. Mrs Osifo-Marshal, ” that is a long way way off. We want to come back home. We know the situation at home. The kind of attention we will get wherever we are abroad, relative to the virus, is not going to be the same as when we are home. We want to come home. The government should help us”.

There are indications that an Air France flight on Thursday moved 260 Europeans from Nigeria to France to prevent them from being infected with the virus.

Reports say this came after the Nigerian Government granted a one-week permission to Air France and KLM to evacuate Europeans from the country following the continued spread of the pandemic.

Also on Thursday, British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ms. Catriona Laing CB, said the mission was exploring available options to send staff and their families back to the United Kingdom.

This was occasioned by projections by experts and top diplomats that the Coronavirus pandemic could explode in Nigeria and other African countries in the coming days.

But according to the World Health Organisation, Nigeria and other African countries battling the virus must conduct more tests to portray the true picture of things and avert a major crisis.

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