At a precarious time that the entire globe is engulfed in apprehension and confusion over the raging dreaded Corona Virus pandemic, Edo state government deem this moment to score political points in using the economic stimulus package meant to cushion the averse effect of Covid-19 on citizens.Our investigations have revealed that the state government have commissioned its political party leaders at the ward level to compile bank details of persons with APC membership cards and voter’s card who only are qualified for the package. The exercise have kicked off with party members and those close to the henchmen in the party as beneficiaries leaving others to the mercy of hunger when a total lockdown becomes inevitable.The politicization of the economic stimulus package by Edo state government is unacceptable and condemned in its entirety. There are existing government administrative structures that is expected to handle things of this nature. Ministries, departments and agencies of government have been established for this purpose and should be given the opportunity to exercise their authorities.Not every person belongs to the APC or have affiliation to any of its leaders to qualify for a programme supposedly meant for everyone. We cannot afford to watch this happen while death by Corona virus or hunger lurks around the corner.We need to be seen as serious minded people who are more concerned about the genuine and collective fight against the Corona Virus than a people who are only moved by political interests. The exercise should be transparent and overseen by relevant stakeholders in the state.The stimulus package exercise being currently managed by the political party structure should be terminated forthwith and relevant government establishments should take it over to achieve the expected spread for all.THE COMMONWEALTH BELONGS TO US ALL AND NOT APC MEMBERS ALONE.Leftist Osazee Edigin
Public Relations Officer
Edo Civil Society Organisations

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