According to one expert Economic stimulus, “consists of attempts by governments or government agencies to financially stimulate an economy…through the use of monetary or fiscal policy changes to kick-start growth during a recession”.Edo state is locked down and is approaching recession, so the government is looking ahead. Businesses and shops are locked up. The economy is gradually sliding into a coma. Traders are not allowed to sell their wares, whose stocks by the way are depleting fast.Many homes took what they had as savings and quickly got stockpile of food and water as government made moves to contain the covid-19 with a campaign that all stay at home.A situation where public servants are barred from work, small businesses are under lock and key and movements of persons is restricted by law enforcement agents, the effect can be imagined. Soon there will be a limit to funds people can take from the banks as withdrawals, as no one is making depositsRight now there is no table water in the state capital, Benin City. Factories suddenly cannot meet the increased demand. We are to drink water a lot against the virus. So with food sources closing down, water not available and money about to dry out, it was a big relief when the state government said it was planning an economic stimulus package for Edo people weekend.However matters came to a head when the deputy Governor who made the announcement, Mr Philip Shaibu said, the package will target vulnerable persons.Hear him, “The governor has also directed that the state should work out a stimulus package for the vulnerable people in the society that would be affected by the Coronavirus and the stay-at-home order”.Shaibu, said the stimulus package was sequel to the state governor, Godwin Obaseki’s approval. Not the state legislature which is sick from an orchestrated disability instituted by the government itself.The question many have asked is: Who are the vulnerable persons? The WHO says these are, “Children, pregnant women, elderly people, malnourished people, and people who are ill or immuno-compromised”. These are all present in Edo of today!WHO also says, “these are particularly vulnerable when a disaster strikes ( like covid-19), and take a relatively high share of the disease burden associated with emergencies”.It says that, ” Poverty – and its common consequences such as hunger, malnutrition, illhealth, homelessness, poor housing and destitution – is a major contributor to vulnerability”.Essentially therefore in Edo state right now, poverty arising from the lockdown is looming and all citizens are eligible for whatever stimulus is planned. All citizens were forced to stay at home and no work because of the covid-19 and the government said so and is enforcing the order.I hope the government of Edo state will not offer her people a new definition of vulnerable persons, different from that of WHO, which is at the forefront of the anti-covid-19 war?#Edomustmoveforward

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