The leading aspirant of the All Progressives Congress in Edo state, Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu has announced the production of more sanitizers and informational materials by his campaign for distribution across the state to complement government’s efforts in curtailing the spread of coronavirus disease.According to Pastor Iyamu at a press briefing held today in Benin, the fresh round of distribution, after recent previous efforts yielded positive results and spurred others into action, will now be targeted at health workers, journalists, bus drivers and other providers of essential services who are compelled to remain operative despite the restriction of movement.The rationale is to ensure that while these essential service providers carry on their activities, they are protected from the viral disease and do not serve as unintentional vectors of the disease, spreading it across the state as they operate.Pastor Iyamu also charged the Edo state government to set up food banks in strategic points across the state to alleviate the pain of the poor and prevent a breakdown of law and order that may arise as a result of a struggle for food and other resources in the face of mass hunger.“By reason of having the primary responsibility to protect lives and properties, and the resources of state at its disposal, we appeal to the government of Edo state to immediately begin the process of setting up a food bank to attend to the needy during these difficult times to cushion the effect that the restrictions, especially in trade, is expected to have on them,” he said.“With this step, we believe that a breakdown of law and order and possible violence in a scuffle for limited resources – especially food – in the face of mass hunger will be averted. Similarly, to bridge the gap in local spending as predicted by economists, our local farmers should be patronized to help them with additional income, reduce the wastage of farm produce, insulate the sector from the disruption of the virus, prevent job losses and improve on the agricultural value chain of the state.”This call to the Edo state government, according to many, is of great importance following sad examples in different parts of the world where people are reported to have died in their homes to hunger during strict lockdowns, or defied social distancing rules in a physical contest for food, sparking violence and undoing efforts by the government to contain the coronavirus disease.He also announced that his wife, Prof. Idia Ize Iyamu, in collaboration with her family and friends, will be donating food and other relief items to the disabled and other special needs residents of the state who, according to independent analysis, are the worst hit by the restrictions and disruption to the local economy.Residents of the state and those in the diaspora have praised the leadership of Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu in the fight against the coronavirus disease. His selfless efforts and contribution, according to some, have made him a positive model to others, including state officials, and brought succor to the poor and vulnerable.

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