“Your activities in the last few days in favour of Edo people have been epic. Fortunately for me, I fall within the class of those that can afford what to eat as at today but can’t tell of tomorrow because of the uncertainties which life is throwing up daily.

However, I can’t stop thanking you for being the bastion of hope for Edo people in this critical time when the masses are confronted with both disease and hunger. Majority of the people feed from hand to mouth. I.e, survival is dependent on the ability to work daily with their hands.

As an advocate of the people and beyond politics, I can confirm that you truly deserve a place in our state and country since leadership is about conscience.

Despite insults and unfounded criticism of your person, I watch and notice you have remained firm, unwavering and have soar even higher in the heart of the people.

Although your effort can not fully cover the field owing to the mass of the people, the penury and pains caused by the economic reality and more importantly your limited resources being privately driven, but be assured that your effort is acknowledged and will accordingly be rewarded by God and the people who have benefitted directly and those who appreciate your gesture to humanity.

The reality of your dream for Edo people is nigh, God see you through always.

Be assured of me always”.

Abraham Oviawe Esq.

By Editor

Teacher, Reporter, and Blogger

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