By Davidson Momoh

Game changers, whether in politics or leadership, are not necessarily natural leaders. They are people who have a good understanding of the game and what it really takes to make it tick. And they have the gift of looking at issues, developments and our society, a little differently. More than that, they look at the whole world a little differently.Their interest is definitely not in protecting the status quo or respecting how things have been done in the past. Agreed history, like precedents, is important. But that is not their main focus.In leadership and politics, they are the people most likely to come up with the relevant ideas; they are the ones who take the very calculated risks and see the light in a seemingly dark background; they are the ones who place the needs of the people before their personal ambitions.They have the resolve and willpower to inspire action on situations that are not pleased with, and possess the courage to take high risks that others may shy away from for the benefit of the society irrespective of what it holds for them personally. They see the opportunities that others struggle to find.Game changers exhibit high-energy and are creative idea generators who are never afraid to rock the boat and challenge established thinking. Typically, their aspiration is to succeed, so they have this passionate drive to win.Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu is a pure example of a game-changer with grassroots qualification amongst other great qualities which, put together, presents the prospect of a united APC in Edo state and changing the values of governance for good, channeling resources of the state to the needs of the majority of Edo people.From his humble beginning a graduate of law from the prestigious University of Benin seeking, like most youths of the time, an avenue to apply his talent and education to the betterment of the society, Pastor Ize Iyamu joined politics and rose quickly to become the Secretary to the State Government of an administration. Even when he seemingly stopped occupying a defined role in the state, he never stopped serving the people of the state through his businesses and love for farming. His entire life can be defined by his undying love for the state and the desire to deliver greater progress to the people through the instrument of state.Ize-Iyamu’s personal and political life has been peppered with this passionate behavior. Not used to giving up, time and again, failure has motivated him. “For me, to be fulfilled in life, you must identify why you were born,” he once said, perhaps in admittance that his own earthly mission and purpose is to do the most good to a greater number of people and knowing the limitation of a single individual however influential, this may explain his insistence on quality governance.Further, to explain his participation in politics, he said: “in politics, I have access to government. And in government, I have the opportunity to make an impact all over the State. I would be able to help provide amenities to communities that are in dire need, without having to bribe or beg officials of Government to get them”.Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu is a consistent man who has always backed his judgment and relentlessly pursued his ideas with persistence, innovation, and organization. He thinks deeply and sees the bigger picture. He is the strategic risk-taker, high on vigor and energy, likable, good at articulating a vision, passionate about his ideas and very good at influencing people.All APC members in Edo state must now see the rationale to support Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu to fly the party flag this year. He is the game changer! He has said he has the key to the vehicle that is fit to propel Edo APC and the state. Let us all join him. He has all it takes.#Edomustmoveforward

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