it’s the wish of every progressive and purpose driven government to be succeeded by another progressive and purposeful government. This is usually so because there’s the need for the policies and programs of an outgoing government to be continued by the succeeding one.In the case of Oshiomhole, the desire to install Obaseki as his successor in the 2016 gubernatorial election was quite understandable having kick started the state from ground zero to an appreciable level of sustainability through various stints of infrastructural and human developments cutting across the three senatorial districts of the state. As if his life depended on that election, he toiled day and night, laying bare his negotiating skills and selling the candidate of his party as it were at the time; just to make sure that the labour of his hands wasn’t thwarted by the same agents of mindless maladministration who had over time held the state by the jugular before the advent of his administration.Recall; on becoming the executive governor of the state, the comrade immediately set out to work. Knowing the barrage of infrastructural deficits and the need to quickly bridge the gap for a sustainable developmental agenda, a blueprint was designed to cater for all the critical sectors of the state economy. This ranged from the road infrastructure to education, healthcare delivery, sports, transportation, environment and beautification, water and electrification projects, tourism and arts, human capital development etc. All these areas and so many others received maximum attention. This feat was a bewilderment to many Edo people who had at that time given up hope on the state. On the third year of the comrade’s administration, the state had become a reference point for other sister states to emulate. That was why campaigns for his second coming was as easy as ABC considering the money bag politician that the PDP at the time brought forward as their candidate. Irrespective of that, the comrade governor won 18/18; a feat that had never been achieved by any known political heavyweight in the state. Beautiful six lane roads were constructed at different zones of the state, walkways and service lanes were visible across the state, and in addition to these, streetlights, traffic lights and loads of beautification patterns had adorned strategic locations of the state.
In the education sector, we had the red roof revolution that saw to the modernization of primary and secondary schools across the state with up to date teaching aids for the teachers, pupils and students. Added to this was the introduction of model schools in the three senatorial districts of the state. The Samuel Ogbemudia college which was formely known as New Era college is one of such model schools. At the tertiary level, we had a brand new Edo University of Technology; Iyamho. Funding of the Ambrose Alli University received a boost alongside provision of critical infrastructures.The health sector saw the revitalization of several public health centres as well as general hospitals across the state. Worthy of mention is the five star central hospital in the heart of Benin city built to cater for the growing health needs of the Edo people.Desirous to arrest the flooding problem of Benin city and the state in general, the comrade through the ministry of environment and public utilities embarked on an ambitious project known as the Benin city storm water project in order to find a lasting solution to the menace of flooding and its peers. This was made possible with a bond of 30 billion naira sourced from the world bank through the office of the economic team at that time headed by the present governor; Godwin Obaseki. Testimonies abound before the exit of the comrade’s administration how areas hitherto ravaged by flood became free from such after the comrade’s intervention. The five junction and its environs are parts of the testimonies. Some of the catchment areas have been completely deflooded while some were at various stages of completion before the exit of that administration. The Queen Ede and Auchi gully erosion sites were completely tackled during the period under review. Tree planting, flowers and water fountains were part of the comrade’s beautification drive. A lot and lots more can be penned down of the comrade’s monumental achievements in office as governor.Fast forward to 2016, the comrade singlehandedly produced his successor; a known political neophyte in the person of Godwin Obaseki. This was against all odds and predictions. And this singular act produced more enemies for the comrade who felt his choice of governor was counterproductive to the wishes of majority of party men and women. The rest as they say; is history.Three years down the line; and a little above one year to the winding up of this administration, it has been a soured story for the comrade and his party men at the state level. The continuity agenda of the party had since been left in the dustbin of history by this antidemocratic and anti peoples’ government headed by a not too knowledgeable technocrat whose real deal is to invest in stocks for his unsuspecting clients.One can understand Oshiomhole’s plights having installed a government which in his thinking, would carry on with the developmental agenda that he took time and effort to put forward for the benefits of all Edo people. This is not the case as at today. Obaseki has on the contrary betrayed the trust reposed in him by the comrade and majority of other party stalwarts who stuck out their necks for his election victory. Not only has he abandoned all the lofty ideas initiated by the comrade, he has also alienated his fellow party people; calling them all sorts of derogatory names only fit for outcasts.If not for envy and wizardry spirit, why will a so called progressive government abandon a five star general hospital initiated and completed by his benefactor? Let’s even assume there were no equipments in the said hospital as widely publicized by some retrogressive elements, is it not incumbent on the present governor to equip it maximally having won election on the continuity agenda and slogan of the past government? Why will Obaseki refuse to continue the water storm project that he was part of during the last government? When was the last time he maintained the gutters and drainage systems to cushion the flooding problems that still ravage some areas in the state? Why can’t Obaseki construct durable and standard roads with all the associated fittings that’d stand the test of time? What happened to the red roof revolution? Why are the streetlights not working effectively? Why has the water fountain erected on the museum ground packed up since the coming of Obaseki? Why has Obaseki not planted one tree and one flower to sustain the beautification agenda of his predecessor? Why is Obaseki spreading poor interventionist projects across the state instead of worthy projects that’d excite Edo people and his party hierarchy? Can Obaseki give an account of the over 300billion naira that he has received thus far in three years? If no, where is the money???Nelson Omoregie is a writer and public commentator based in Lagos.

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