On September 19th, Edo state citizens will head out to the polls to choose their next governor.

The party members would have to choose a representative for their party then, in turn,

present the candidate to the electorate to make a choice.

With the campaigns underway, there is palpable fear in the camp of the Obaseki Shaibu Movement, OSM as credible reports reaching us indicates Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu has secured the endorsement of Edo Central APC members and advancing towards Edo North to dislodge the state deputy governor, Philip Shaibu.

Ize-Iyamu who is known for always taking the lead has made considerable inroads in Edo central in the last few days.

The fieldwork conducted from March 27th to April 9th shows the voting intention ahead of the APC primaries is on the upswing for Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu.

Edo Central is currently on lockdown and fully secured for Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, with Obaseki facing a slump in the senatorial district.

Definitely, the COVID-19 response has played a major role in altering the figures. Although Ize-Iyamu has always been on the lead in opinion polls, his response to the coronavirus outbreak has tripled his lead in Edo Central.

Party members were beneficiaries from his relief palliatives and all coordinators of the POI campaign organization were given large qualities of relief packages comprising of bags of rice, beans, yams, oil etc to freely give among their followers and admirers.

The school community, community leaders, Muslim community, Christian community etc were all beneficiaries from the outreach.

Pastor Ize-Iyamu’s wife, Prof Ida Ize-Iyamu who was spotted visiting and distributing relief items in Edo central also made a tremendous impact on the rating of Pastor Ize-Iyamu.

With the conquering of Edo Central, Pastor Ize-Iyamu seems to be advancing towards Edo North to completely dislodge the state deputy governor, Philip Shaibu.

This is currently causing unrest in the camp of Obaseki Shaibu Movement as members are alleged to be considering dumping Obaseki/Philip Shaibu for Pastor Ize-Iyamu.

Majority of the members stationed at Edo North complain of the lack of attention by the OSM leadership in the State.

They say the state governor and his deputy have distanced them for long and are still isolating them till date.

Meanwhile, Pastor Ize-Iyamu seems to have done the needful in capturing the hearts of Edo North APC members.

Majority of the APC members spoken to in Edo North reiterated the fact the Pastor Ize-Iyamu has always carried everyone along irrespective of whether it is an election year or not.

‘His consistency of reaching out is second to none. We are not even talking about his superb COVID-19 response but his consistency in reaching out to the people.

This is not the first time we are benefiting from his benevolence so when we say we are solidly behind Osagie Ize-Iyamu we sure know what we are talking about.

Ize-Iyamu has secured our trust’

That was how an ardent supporter of the Obaseki Shaibu Movement was quoted as saying.

With Edo Central secured and a certain victory in Edo North, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu who hails from Edo South might be confident of victory if he maintains his current lead.


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