The office of the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, donated bags of rice to the Edo State Government since December 2019, but the government, for reasons known only to them, held on to the bags of rice to date.The donation was meant to be distributed during the festivities to the good people of Edo State, but if the government and the officials serving it were scheming to divert the bags of rice, or save it for the election campaign, we cannot tell. However, recent developments have seen the government repackaging the rice, planning to distribute it as coronavirus relief packages.Even as speculations and contemplations rage on, imagining various reasons why the government held on to those bags of rice for 4 months, the government has rolled out the repackaged rice, inviting camera lens to see them and run along to broadcast that Edo State Government is distributing relief materials donated by the First Lady. Choreographed, the display was a flashy paparazzi, yet the glitz cannot cover the stinking suspicion that rends the air.First and foremost, the good intentions and purpose of Aisha Buhari’s charity donation have been defeated—it is no longer Christmas.Secondly, is Edo State, as rife rumors hold it, truly broke? Has the state treasury been looted to death and overweighed by debt such that the government cannot provide honestly for the people? Has Governor Godwin Obaseki, finally, run the state that was on the trajectory of greatness when he inherited it to the ground?A lot of speculation and questions swirl and engage the masses, and admittedly, some of them would be wrong and incredulous. Yet, this government has shown great irresponsibility through their dishonest attitudes and hesitant actions. As a democracy, they must be open and ready to entertain the fears and questions of the citizens, more so as the worries were originally occasioned by their uninspiring dispositions.Great men, just like great governments and administrations, don’t give excuses—they only rise to the occasion. Historically, precarious moments in the national life of a people offer ample opportunity for leaders and governments to demonstrate capacity and showcase their leadership skills and savviness. Such opportunity was what presented itself to the Obaseki government, but instead of rising to the occasion, they rather bungled the chance, wobbling and fumbling like a saggy bag of rice—something they cannot even provide for the state’s poor anyways.*SHARED by SME Media*Pls SHARE!

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