I have found out recently that being ambitious is a crime in Nigeria and Edo state in particular. It beats me sunken when young and ‘educated’ people who or should be daring and supportive of the ‘dream big’ mantra in the pursuit of their life goals, to join the unlearned to count being ambitious as a crime against humanity. When in the real sense, being unambitious is the real crime, as you have in so doing, deprived the world of all the greatness that lies in you.Before now, I have tried to engage them, making them see the senselessness in their position, loathing someone on the basis of his ambitious pursuit. But then, it occurred to me that they might be having such a mindset based on the level of their knowledge. They might have been made to see the word ‘ambitious’ from the propaganda point of view that they have been fed with over time, and might not know the dictionary meaning of ‘ambitious’ like a colleague of mine at my former place of work, who felt it was only Jonathan and the PDP that can be guilty of IMPUNITY.In late 2014, while the APC propaganda machinery was all out against Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP, the word ‘IMPUNITY’ gained so much popularity in the Nigerian lexicon. To the extent that it became synonymous to Jonathan and the PDP.
Two years later, a colleague of mine who was fond of defending his hatred for Jonathan and the PDP based on the level of IMPUNITY recorded under that administration was challenged by a fellow co-worker, questioning his support for a government that has now taken impunity to a new level. It was the shock of the century when he gave a response that clearly shows he did not even know what impunity meant in the first instance.So before I engage anyone who accuses Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu as being too ambitious, I often ensure the person understands the meaning of being ambitious, so it should not be as if one is arguing the colour of a building with a blind man.It was the 17th-century Japanese Philosopher, Yoshida Kenko, who once said: “Ambition never comes to an end”.
The truth is we start to die the very day we lost the sense of ambition, as the enthusiasm and effort we put in anything we do is driven by our ambition.
The greater your ambition, the more energy and effort you will put into achieving it.Like I do tell young kids in my teen mentorship classes, you cannot compare the effort and dedication to books for someone whose ambition is to be a motor park tout with someone who wants to be a motor vehicle engineer. It will, therefore, be foolish, illogical, or bias, for anyone to call the guy routing to be an engineer as being ‘too ambitious’ considering the efforts he invested in buying books and acquiring knowledge to accomplish his dream, as compared to the efforts put in by the one who wants to be a motor park tout.
As long as the aspiring engineer did not hamper the aspirations of others in the pursuit of his own dreams, then his ambition is valid and should be supported by right-thinking humans.Of late, one elderly man had been telling me that he will not die until he becomes the ‘Odionwere’ (the title given to the oldest person in a community), of his village. Will you call such a person as being too ambitious when he is not going about killing all those older than him to achieve his dream? The old man is patiently trusting God the giver of life to keep him for such a long time to enable him to fulfil his ambition.Anyone and everyone can have an ambition, it is a free world. Why the dreams and ambitions of others give some people headaches beats my imagination. When people should be busy working on their own dreams and pursuing their ambitions, they spend useful time analysing and passing judgement on someone else’s ambition.Looking at Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, you will know that he is someone gunning for the stars.
For his wife to have risen to the level of a Professor, clearly shows that they have always chased their dreams as individuals and collectively as a family.
One would have expected young Edolites to give a man with such a family all their support, and if possible find how to get access to him for close mentorship, instead they are out there falling for propaganda that accuses someone else of dreaming and aiming too high.If not that I aim to write this article without sharing any of my personal experiences, I would have given details of how I ended a relationship with a friend who would also say my dreams are too high. For God’s sake, is it not free to dream? The reason why mediocres are littered everywhere you turn today is because we are raising a generation that is scared to dream. No wonder a horde of them find it comfortable to accuse a goal-getter of being too ambitious, because, for their love for mediocrity, they would have rested on their oars if they were in his shoes.For those politicians who are intimidated by the wholesomeness of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, I understand their plight.
How can they compete with a man who has such followership across the state, is intellectually grounded and articulate, has a family name in his favour, a supportive and an erudite wife, and above all is not scared of working with intellectuals, unlike his counterparts who prefer to work with those they are better than? Of course, they have all the reasons on earth to be worried.But for young and promising Edolites, who have nothing to gain hating POI, but are basing their hatred on the ‘he is too ambitious’ accusation, I pray you are cured of this blindness before it gets too late.If an old man at 78 years of age, still has an ambition of living long enough to rule his community, I wonder why someone who is less than 60 years old would be accused of being too ambitious to govern a state. The sensible questions one would have expected the youths to ask those peddling the ‘over ambitious’ bullshit are these; has he murdered anyone in the quest of achieving his dreams? Has he forced others not to strive to pursue their own goals and ambition? Is he not entitled to the right to vote and be voted for? Did the constitution bar a former Secretary to the State Government from running for the office of the Governor of the state?Why is POI’s aspiration to govern his state now classified as being ‘too ambitious’Please let’s stop embarrassing ourselves by putting an end to this madness of someone being over-ambitious. In the coming elections, we must put our best foot forward. If you think he is not our best foot, then come out and compete with him and let the people decide!Edo Must Move Forward and the gates of mudslinging and propaganda shall not prevail against it.IDEDE Oseyande
Social observer writes from Edo state.

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