By Osehobo OfureOnce again, I have noticed that the e-rats of the beleaguered Emperor of Edo, General Godwin Obaseki have not relented in his blackmail and campaign of calumny against the person of the very humble and popular Pastor Osagie Ize- Iyamu and more particularly, as it relates to the issue of the case at the Federal High Court concerning the N700million PDP campaign funds for the 2015 election.And why these hirelings of a drowning man like the emperor see the speck in the eyes of others, they choose to ignore the log in their own eyes. Mention is being made here of the serving Edo State Commissioner for Arts, Culture and Diaspora Affairs, Hon. Osazee Osemwengie Ero, who has been incancerated in Europe for months now after his arrest by the Interpol.Ero was arrested in the presence of the Emperor Godwin Obaseki who chose to abandon him and ran back to Nigeria. Till date, Emperor Obaseki has only confirmed, ‘without equivocation that whatever the issues might be, they are totally personal and have nothing whatsoever to do with the Edo State Government or Governor Godwin Obaseki”. Is this not rubbish, when the man was arrested in the Governor’s presence?Orhionmwon People have said that the money found on the Commissioner was given to him by Obaseki for safekeeping. And, “Rather than the Governor to use his good office to ensure the release of the commissioner, Obaseki came to Benin and lied that the arrest has nothing to do with him”. They said the most painful aspect of it is that the Governor is busy lying against the Commissioner and not telling the world the main reason he was arrested.Ize-Iyamu will not lie about his role in any matter. It is not in his character. He will not abandon his erstwhile friends like the Governor has done to Ero. He did not take the N700 million PDP campaign funds to his home as Obaseki cronies want the world to believe; The money was disbursed at the home of a PDP leader in Benin after it was taken there in a bullion van belonging to the bank.As the Coordinator of President Goodluck Jonathan campaign organisation (in Edo State) the pastor was privy to a lot of transactions that took place. The money was given to the 18 local government areas because it was meant for the 2015 election. He did not take any of the money. Edo PDP has the records of how the money came and was used.Compare this with the governor who, in 2016, swore an affidavit declaring his certificates as missing ‘to the best of his knowledge,’ as required by the Electoral Act 2010. He eventually discovered the incomplete set of certificates in faraway New York, USA. Till date he has stayed dumb or is preparing another affidavit to cover up the very deep gullies in the controversial certificates such as the poor passes that gave him admission to read Classics at the University of IbadanEmperor Obaseki passed in the ‘letmypeoplego’ Third Division with credit in only three subjects, namely Religious Knowledge (C6), History (A3) and Geography (C6 at Eghosa Anglican Grammar School, Benin City, but failed in Mathematics, Economics and Biology – because he failed them, they were not indicated in the result; while he obtained P7 in English Language, P7 in English Literature and P8 in Chemistry.How can this school certificate give admission to the University of Ibadan? Or Obaseki was a miracle candidate? He claimed he entered the university the very year he left secondary school with a result, reading pass in Economics, P7 in English and F9 in Mathematics? How could he have gained admission with such a result? Only three credits. How could Obaseki secure admission to study Classics without credit in English?For me it is becoming irritating and highly displeasing, nauseating and quite unfair to Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu’s person and image to continue to publish falsehood about this issue. Supporters of the emperor who are loosing sleep and having nightmares about their sponsor’s looming loss arising from his imminent failure at the June 2020, have been adequately schooled on how to orchestrate their smear campaign, if anything to confound the very educated and enlightened Edo people who already know the truth.The court case is already scheduled and court must be allowed to do it’s job. There is no way the ongoing sponsored campaign will bring favor to Emperor Obaseki. It is advisable that those involved stop. With the trend of campaign, it will ridicule not only Obaseki but also his office. There is no doubt that Ize-Iyamu ‘s return home to APC has constituted a headache for the emperor’s dwindling clan. It is crystal clear that they would go to any length to stop him but failure is their portion.No campaign of calumny will deter Pastor Ize-Iyamu’s resolve to add value to governance in Edo through the APC, to strengthen the party and be part of those whose rationale for being in politics is to bring development closer to the people. Instead of having the desired negative effect on POI which is their goal, it is rather making him more popular.

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