By Felix Osemwengie Isere Esq.

Those of you who come to my wall or any other platform to remind me that am a lawyer or question my lawyership because I am not supporting Obaseki’s second term bid or his evil against the house of assembly members and Edo people like what we can see in this video.

Let me quickly inform you that I will never support the attempt for Obaseki to make himself an emperor or a dreaded dictator because he is fighting an imaginary Godfather, you cannot claim to be fighting a monster and now trying to make your self a bigger monster.

Yes I am a lawyer and I was trained not to be a coward but to stand for what is Right, Just, Fair and equity even when I am standing alone. I was trained to be a defender of Justice, Rule of Law and Democracy.

Let me quickly ask you!

You mean as a lawyer, I should be celebrating the running of Edo State with just five members when we have 24 members which is an illegal contraption offending Section 91 of the Constitution of Nigeria?

You mean as a lawyer, I should be celebrating the rule by the minority over the majority when democracy is always about majority rule as it was affirmed by the supreme Court in plethora of cases including that of Hon. Olatunji Vs. Kwara State House of Assembly.

You mean as a lawyer, I should be celebrating the inauguration of the EDHA at midnight wherein some some members elect were kidnapped and forcefully taken to be inaugurated at midnight ?

You mean as a lawyer, I should be celebrating the deprivation of 14 constituencies from being represented for more than one year now?

As a lawyer, you mean I should be celebrating the injustice against 14 people who suffered to win an election but were excluded from inauguration and have been home for the past one year?

You mean as a lawyer, I should be celebrating the attack on these members at Golden Pullin Hotel by thugs sponsored by Edo State Government about a year ago?

You mean as a lawyer, I should be celebrating the invasion and destruction of the legislative complex today, particularly the Maze on top of the building that represents our heritage, pride and supremacy by thugs under the instruction of the governor?

All because some of you are either deluded by Obaseki’s fake posture of being oppressed and victimized because he refused to Edo State money you have lost your conscience, good sense of reasoning and moral compass and you no longer see any wrong in what he does. This was how dictatorship started in many nations and some of us will be vindicated by history when the records are read.

All because some of you have hatred for Oshiomhole,you have continued to support all unjust , evil and oppressive actions of Obaseki and his continuous abuse of power. Many of us criticized and protested against some perceived wrong of Oshiomhole when he was governor and today we cannot be seen to be supporting worse cases.

You supported the inauguration of Edo State House of assembly at midnight with some members wearing slippers and shots to the venue , but today you are angry that I am supporting People who who were inaugurated during the day with proper dressing?

You supported the holding of sittings in government house for the past one month because of the purported renovation of the complex as against the Anthony Enahoro Complex and even the passage of Edo State Budget proposal and the removal of the deputy speaker in that same venue, and today you have the effrontery to question my support for the holding of sitting in another venue to remove Okiye as the Speaker? You think I care about your view. As far as I am at peace with my conscience that I am not in supporting of the terror Obaseki has unleashed on people he took an oath to protect and defend, I am more satisfied.

With all due respect, I think some of you have lost your hearts to the devil because of your support for Obaseki and the next time you question my decision not to support him or support his wickedness because I am a lawyer,I will know you a serious MENTAL PROBLEM!


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