One of the relationship between sports and politics is the ability to predict the outcome of a future matches through using records as a guide to determine the winner.
A similar scenario is likely play out in Edo guber poll slated for September 19 of the year where a candidate chances of winning can be assessed by his records in previous elections.
one of the principal player in the Edo Governorship race is Hon Gani Audu, the running mate to the APC Governorship candidate, pastor osagie ize iyamu.

Hon Gani Audu hails from odigie a village from Ayuele clan with headguaters at Agbede in Etsako west local government of the state. The Agbede people are dominantly Moslem community and agrarian by occupation mostly known for their rice cultivation . infact, the community is associated with what is known as Agbede rice,a brand name given to locally produced rice by the people. people are said to come from far and near both in Edo state and across the country to patronize them.

Agbede can be said to be a beneficiary of Buhari administration policy of ban in the importation of foreign rice into the country. This policy to say the least gave an astrorical rise in the demand for the local rice which Agbede has in abundance.

On the political front, the Agbedes constitute one ward by Inec delimitation out of the 12 wards in Etsako west local government. This factor makes them a minorites. Just like the normal norm in Nigeria politics where the majority takes all, the Agbedes relied on crumbs from the political table during sharing arrangements.
The highest political elective position ever occupied by an Agbede person was the vice chairman of the local government. To them, this was an achivements worth celebrating in the absence of nothing. The courage to contest for bigger elective position was lacking among the political class based of course on the numerical strength .
The entry of Gani Audu into the political race change the narrative. just like the biblical David who challenged the Goliath, he came in into the political race and declared interest in the chairmanship position of his local government, Etsako West Local government.
Then to political observers, it was a political sucide ambition considering the fact that the position was seen as the exclusive preserve of the majority ethnic group in the local government.
The rest they say his history, he won his then party, PDP, the rulling party at the state and federal government nomination ticket against all odds against the candidate from the majority zone and also achived similar feat at the election.He repeated the same feat during his second term ambition,won the party ticket and election.
His name and feat quickly became a rally point for other minorites zone both in the local government and across the Senatorial district to aspire for elective position.
Gani Audu breaks a jinx of becoming two term chairman of the local government where the clan with the numerical strength could not achived.
He did not stopped there, he changed party during the Oshiomhole hurricane in Edo politics from the PDP to now APC under different names.
Again, he found himself in the House of Assembly ticket, twice he run for election, twice he won.
Another records in the political library.
Today, Gani Audu name is on the ballot box as a running mate. Another chance to lift the minorites up the political ladder.
A record of 4 wins out of 4 attempts, this is the record that will be parading as he entered the rings in the September 19 Edo state election.

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