By Uyi Ize-Iyamu

It is highly improbable that this honest assessment of the APC gubernatorial flagbearer for
the upcoming September 19th 2020 gubernatorial election, would be evaluated without any
recourse to political sentiments, but purely on reason and good sound logic. I understand
the present political climate in Edo state as it is at the moment, with so many paid pipers out
there, whose only job is to attack truth at the face of it and seek to degrade, denigrate, and
destroy perceived opposition and their political capital as a statement of their
gamesmanship. At some point, our spirited fight for political upper-hand against opponents,
stares truth in the face and we accept our limitations and deficiencies in our political
machinations, and shake hands with the victor, because, at the end of the day, we are still
one people with a manifest destiny to make Edo great and prosperous state under the wings
of our great Oba, who is the ancestral father to us all. I dare say our differences in political
opinions, should not lead us to destroy ourselves and our beautiful revered Edo land for the
sake of political expediency. We are from Edo the heartbeat of our beloved motherland
Nigeria. Let us show and lead by example for the rest of the country to emulate by joining
hands to move our state and country forward. Let us rid ourselves of politics of bitterness,
rancor, and destruction of lives and properties, as there is absolutely no need to spill a pint
of any Edo born, in Edo soil, in our quest to better the lots of our people by setting Edo state
in a progressive path. No matter our differences, we remain” ONE PEOPLE” under one big
family. With that being said, I like to briefly make some statements of fact about the
gubernatorial candidate of the APC for the 2020 governorship election in Edo state.
There is a popular saying that, “…you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes
and walk around in them.” Sometimes, you can tell a man’s purpose by the journey he
embarks on. Haven Known my brother, Pastor Dr. Osagie Ize-Iyamu for over four decades,
it will not be a daunting task for me to describe him just as he is.
Growing up in our family home as the youngest son of the family, I have always looked up to
my elder siblings for guidance and mentorship. Our father, the late Chief Robert Osayande
Ize-Iyamu, of blessed memory, indeed imbibed in us all the true values of family unity and
love. We enjoyed the privilege of staying together in one accord and have continued to hold
on those ideals till this day. The family first mantra which our late father imbued in us early
on in life, have continued to sustain us as a family and helped to shape our worldview and
how we treat and relate with others. For my elder brother, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, his
early political foray into politics started in our family home at Erie street. He always
possessed a peculiar desire to unite every member of the family and exercised leadership
skills that that led us all defer to him because of his wise counsel and good hearted nature.
This natural instinct and endearing spirit towards people, soon saw him canvassing the
streets of Benin, making friends with the high and mighty, as well as the less privilege
amongst us. He made no distinction between the poor and the rich, but always saw
everyone first as human being and gave time and ears to everyone, no matter how high or
low your social status is. As time went by, he started to cultivate keen interest in politics and
became my late father’s anchor boy in political matters and palace affairs. He would sit right
beside our father and listen to political discussion when state and national politicians pay
our father courtesy visits to discuss important political affairs, and also with him frequently at
the palace of the Oba in his capacity as the “ESOGBAN OF BENIN KINGDOM”.. I
remember with nostalgia now, way back when our father offered him the opportunity to
further his education abroad, but refused to school anywhere other than in Benin, “because according to him, he could not afford to spend that much time away from his ancestral birth
place and home”. Yes, POI loved Benin so much that he has never lived anywhere else
other than Benin, because he always saw the good in Benin and always wanted to be a part
of the Edo project and around his people, and in total service to them.
Often mistaken as controversial, he only possessed a rare form of sophisticated simplicity
mixed with passion. A go getter of some sort and a born leader by nature. He always stood
up to whatever challenges came his way and he always had an uncommon loyalty for what
he genuinely believes in. He always had an uncommon way of solving complex problems
while making them look simple. His years traversing the nooks and cranny of Edo, talking to
political stakeholders, grassroots politicians, society leaders, and citizens of the state, has
given him an uncanny and unmatched knowledge into the intricacies and the complexities
that is required to effectively govern and move Edo state forward. A true testament to this
conviction is boldly itemized in his social contract with Edo people in his “SIMPLE
AGENDA”. For those who still have some elements of doubts as to the genuineness of his
intentions towards Edo state and its people, please take some time out of your busy
schedule and immerse yourself in his developmental road map, and just maybe your
perception about him would change for the better and be more open minded and supportive
of these goals.
Growing with him, inspired in us the desire to succeed in life. He started his political career
early in life and has always maintained a true leadership personality that won him the
admiration of many. He is more of a community person and had always has a listening ear
for everyone that comes to him.
One remarkable incident that happened in 1995, that changed the course of his life between
growing up as the son of Esogban of Benin and now, was the ghastly motor accident he got
involved in. Unconscious for over nine hours, the entire family was thrown into panic mode,
praying for him to wake up. Although suffering a dislocation, a major fracture, and severe
lacerations of his skin that led to severe blood loss that left him in critical state, he was
miraculously healed. At that point, he decided to pursue with diligence a stronger
relationship with God. Interestingly, he became a pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church
of God (RCCG). One would wonder, why is it that a pastor would be involved in politics?
because politics, uplifting people, and contributing his quota to realizing a better Edo state
has always been his passion. Only now, he is now living those dreams and passion through
divine direction to the will of God As controversial as it seems, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu never for once saw that as a problem
because as a pastor and a Christian, his belief system would only make him a better
person. Having experienced a near death incident, he is more aware that only God has the
power over life and death. As a lawyer, a politician and an entrepreneur, he has always
succeeded in all his endeavors.
As a politician and a community leader, he has always believed in nation building and
creating a better society for our people. He did serve as Chief of Staff and Secretary to
Government. But he also served in various capacities as Vice Chairman, South South, ACN,
DG, Governor Adams Oshiomhole Re-election Campaign Organization and Member, APC
Constitution Drafting Committee. His main driving force is to bring better development to the
people of Edo state, where he has lived all his life.
While being proud of an elder brother who has always led by example, he has always
shown capacity for peace and harmony of family. Edo is one big family, and we do not need
forces that will divide us, rather we need more unity and harmony amongst our people.
While I strongly believe in the personality and qualities of Pastor Osagie Ize- Iyamu, I also
know for sure that he will make an excellent governor who will bring about better
development for our dear state.

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