Aug 15, 2020

The Simple Agenda : Youth Development and Sports

Edo State had a history of sporting glory until recently. The “SIMPLE” Agenda will treat youth, sports, recreation and cultural activities as a business model for job and wealth creation. Edo State must be made to regain her premier position in sports in the country.

Special funding will be allocated to improve facilities, hire coaches and motivate sports men and women to attain national and international excellence in sports. Some of the specific activities that we would implement for sports development include the following:

• Young people will be encouraged to create businesses in youth development, sports, recreation, and cultural activities.

In collaboration with donor agencies, NGOs, corporate bodies, and financial institutions, government will create platforms where young people can access financial assistance for such businesses across the 18 Local Government Areas of the state.

• Government will re-introduce school sports in all public and private primary and secondary schools in the state, as this will enable us identify young talents for national competitions in furtherance of the restoration of the state’s lost glory in sporting activities.

• Insurance Football Club and other sports clubs and associations will be given special consideration and government will partner with reputable stakeholders to sponsor and promote these clubs.

• In partnership with the private sector, we will re-introduce the Ogbe Hard-Court Tennis Championship as an annual event to boost Sports Tourism.

• To reclaim our leading role in boxing, we shall renovate and re-equip the boxing gymnasiums located in the State.

• We shall collaborate with reputable sports marketing companies to establish sports academies in the state, as this is capable of gainfully engaging many of our youths.
• We shall resuscitate, refurbish and expand the games village in Afuze.

• Our government will promote mainstream equality in sports including encouraging gender parity and disabled equality in participation across a range of sports.


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