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I have earlier talked about Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu’s covenant with Edo people, thr6 Simple Agenda and how he plans to develop the human capacity of Edo people. This is what the third letter ,’M’ of the agenda which is Manpower Development stands for. That talk was about Education in Edo primary and Secondary schools

In this series our focus includes higher and professional education, provision of annual bursary awards to indigent Edo students in tertiary institutions, in-service training for public servants, and a strategic Youth Development and Sports policy that will take Edo to its height as a sporting state.

The goal of the Simple Agenda is to encourage applied industrial development and cutting edge technology research in a manner that sees industries building partnerships with Edo tertiary institutions. So for higher and professional education, Pastor Ize-Iyamu will reopen all state-owned institutions across Edo state, which have been put under lock and key by the outgoing government. The basic objective is, "to improve the capability of young people to identify, formulate and handle scientifically complex problems as well as to critically evaluate information and formulate possible solutions".

The plan also envisage the provision of leadership and management manpower for the growth and development of Edo state. The goal is to ensure, "total overhaul of the existing state tertiary institutions, increase their subvention, improve their personnel and upgrade their infrastructure and facilities".

Presently Edo state has no statistics of its students in tertiary institutions but that will soon change as the Simple Agenda, "shall embark on a comprehensive census of Edo undergraduates in all higher institutions across the country with a view to determining a reasonable, realistic and sustainable annual bursary award to them" if only to promote their educational attainment.

The incoming Edo state government headed by Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu has an educational arrangement which will cater for persons with special needs. This is, "part of inclusive educational system", which will, " prioritize the provision of tailored education and learning to people with special needs, physical and mental challenges, in order to ensure equality of access and opportunities in life for all regardless of their circumstance".

The Edo APC candidate has a passion for skills training hence his in-service training program for workers in the public service, "will invest in ICT skills training and capacity up-skilling of all government staff to the International Computer Driving License Standards (ICDLS)".

Not leaving out the private sector, the coming APC government will, "encourage private sector businesses and industries to likewise invest in up-skilling their staff with ICT skills and capacity". The idea is to enable them, "maximize accrued advantages in this digital age".

In terms of Youth Development and Sports, no doubt,
Edo State has a history of sporting glory until recently. Desirous and confident of restoring her glory in sports, the, "“SIMPLE” Agenda will treat youth, sports, recreation and cultural activities as a business model for job and wealth creation". To do this, a special funding is planned for allocation to Sports exclusively to, "improve facilities, hire coaches and motivate sports men and women to attain national and international excellence in sports. And in collaboration with donor agencies, NGOs, corporate bodies, and financial institutions, the coming Edo APC government will, "create platforms where young people can access financial assistance" to fund sports and recreation inclined businesses across the entire state.

The other plans that is on the Sports menu with Simple Agenda is the re-introduction school sports in all public and private primary and secondary schools in the state. The idea is to enable the state, "identify young talents for national competitions". Meanwhile in furtherance of the Simple Agenda restoration of the state’s lost glory in sporting activities the incoming APC government, "will promote mainstream equality in sports including encouraging gender parity and disabled equality in participation across a range of sports".

As for Insurance Football Club and other sports clubs and associations, the Simple Agenda wispecial consideration. The government will partner with reputable stakeholders to sponsor and promote these clubs.

The restoration of Edo sports glory will be in partnership with the private sector through collaboration with reputable sports marketing companies, ‘to establish sports academies in the state", that will gainfully engage many Edo youths.

It is this light that the government will re-introduce the Annual Ogbe Hard-Court Tennis Championships as an annual event to boost sports tourism. Also with a vision to reclaim Edo’s leading role in boxing, the renovation and re-equipment of the boxing gymnasiums across the State will be imperative. Edo plans to, "resuscitate, refurbish and expand the Games Village in Afuze" to assist the state’s drive to regain her sporting glory.#

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