The APC Governorship candidate, Pastor Osagie Iyamu spoke about the honored that was bestowed on him by the Otaru of Auchi yesterday while ministering church.

According to him
“I was in Auchi to campaign, i visited the Otairu of Auchi to solicit for his Royal blessings and support, i thought maybe after seeking for his Royal blessing and support he will ask me to go. To my greatest surprise, he said give him a chair to seat down, they brought out their traditional

attire saying “dress him up” and the King announced that, as from today, you are given the honored to be called OUR OWN.

I wanted to understand the honor and the significance of somebody you are going to seek his Royal support and now announcing to the world that “You are our own”, God is indeed wonderful.

I am not a Chief, neither was i bestowed with Chieftancy title but if God chooses to honour me through Kings and give me a title that will elevate me to the whole world i will go with it”.

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