The Edo State APC Chairman, Col. David Imuse Rtd has called on the Independent Electoral Commission, INEC to
protect its integrity and that of the Edo election by taking immediate action to purge itself of unethical and corrupt tendencies.

Addressing newsmen at Auchi, he said that the APC is aware that the PDP and its candidate bhave been holding meetings with some INEC officials with a view to rig the September 19 Edo state Governorship election.

The party chairman also said that it has it on good authority that the PDP candidate held a meeting at a hotel in Benin City with Mr. Mike Igini, the INEC resident electoral Commissioner in Akwa-Ibom who in return for huge sums of money is now selling inside information on the result collation process to the PDP to aid its rigging plans.

Col Imuse said in view of these developments it was recommending that INEC, "commence an immediate self-cleansing exercise to curtail the outbreak of the corruption virus planted by the likes of Mr. Mike Igini".

The party chairman also said that the APC was also aware that the outgoing Governor Obaseki, has unleashed on the state an army of well-armed thugs and cultists who are moving from place to place to attack innocent people with the aim of striking terror into them and scaring them.

He said, "in spite of the amount of state funds he has illegally committed to the evil plot, the embattled Governor is failing. Placing his faith in the guns and barbarity of hired goons ferried from across the country, specifically PDP states, Mr. Godwin Obaseki fatally underestimated the bravery, resilience, and resolve of Edo people to put an end to his disastrous reign, no matter what".

According to Col Imuse, "the dawning failure on this front, rather than bestow sense on the Governor and his co-travelers, has instead driven them into another frantic search for additional arms and ammunition across the country"..

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