Distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the fourth estate of the realm, you’re welcome to this press briefing which was called at my instance to refute the outrightly false allegations levelled against my person, my family and my businesses over the last one week.

Ordinarily, I would have ignored the blatant lies by the mischief makers behind said allegations, but I am constrained to respond as my silence has emboldened liars and a lie often repeated may begin to resemble the truth. Also, seeing how damaging these lies could be on my integrity and reputation which were built through a dint of hard work over the years.

These lies are being peddled by those who for one reason or the other feel threatened by my ambition to contest the governorship election in Delta State come 2023.

On the allegation of molestation of staff employed with Signatious Hotel, one of the businesses I own, let me categorically state that at no time did I or any person related to me strip naked the persons mentioned in the malicious allegation. As a father of six daughters who has tremendous respect for the women, I consider those behind such accusation and blackmail the most evil minds and they must be identified and brought to face the full wrath of the law.

Permit me to clarify that I do not get involved in the day-to-day running of my business empire, since this is a responsibility i have entrusted to a competent management team, and I repose the highest confidence in them.

As such, to the best of my knowledge and based on available information at my disposal as provided by the management of the hotel, the persons mentioned in the molestation allegation are not staff employed with any of my businesses nationwide. Any attempt to state otherwise must be backed by proof of employment which I dare those concerned to provide.

And they were never stripped naked. If you have followed the news lately, you would have seen a TVC news channel story where one of these girls stated we arrested her because she collected a tip of N20,000 from a guest who paid N25,000 for his hotel room.

Who gives a N20,000 for a hotel room? It is a standing rule in all my hospitality establishments not to accept payment from guests into personal accounts. We are a reputable business and do not allow the slightest deviation from professional standards. Workers or contract staff are not allowed to mess with the hard earned reputation of our hotel.

I request experts to forensically search for any body contacts on the persons paraded in the photographs, including myself who was alleged to have touched them.

The photographs when viewed properly, showed persons who were not in the least remorseful, but whose facial expression revealed that they had willfully stripped themselves naked in the process for political photographs and gimmickry to smear my name and character, as well as extort money from me. A copy requesting for N1 billion is hereby attached and marked annexure 1, written and issued by one Mr. Kunle Edun, who two years ago by his own sponsors for the same political fame, parked his car on my property and sued me to the Effurun high court.

Kunle Edu made himself known to me and asked that I give him N50 million at that time for settlement. I ignored him just as I’ve done in this instance, with over forty persons having called me to negotiate with him to reduce the ransome from N1 billion to N100million.

I have been asked by my legal team not to comment on the case already court against these girls, otherwise, they have in their possession are evidence linking the lawyers used in these case to Mr Peter Mrakpor. I urge journalists to investigate how these obnoxious videos entered social media. Did it come from anyone close to me or from these lawyers/actvists?

Gentlemen of the press, I challenge you to produce any photograph of anybody including myself stripping any political agent present or having any form of body contact with them.

The fabricated allegation was a plot by the Delta State Attorney General, Mr. Peter Mrakpor, and his agents who are threatened by my speed of light in the contest for the governorship of Delta State. According to inside sources, he has vowed to do any and everything to contest, as such the urgent need to blackmail me and destroy my person. Mrakpor in all his entireties will fail. When I founded the PDP in Delta State he was still in school.

The world will remember that about a year ago, the same Mrakpor caused a riot, fighting, maiming and killed a young man in Oginibu with his agents, the likes of Rueben Izeze, Andrew Desi. The boys who killed the young man was finally arrested, charged to court and remanded at Ogwashi-Uku prison and got them released on a no case submission.

It is on record that Mrakpor has released robbers, criminals and assassins, no less than 154 since he became Attorney General. Mrakpor has vowed and I’m asking the world to intervene because there’ll be more to come in this form of cheap blackmail and desperate calculations to smear my person. I have reported all the above incidents to the Governor. I also wish to call on the Inspector General, Mohammed Adamu, to as a matter of urgency, investigate the claims made herein.

Yesterday, the 25th of September 2020, Mrakpor fruitlessly attempted to arrest my person in handcuffs in his bid to get a 5 minutes trending news to further mess up my reputation. To tell you how despicable Mrakpor’s merchants of malicious blackmail are, they went further to spin more lies that the Inspector General of Police deployed 50 men to ensure my arrest.

It just tells how desperate and shameless they are to do anything and everything to malign my character so as to declare me unfit to run for the governorship election. All they are hell bent on doing is stirring the people’s hate and distrust for me through their merchants on facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, the more they spin lies, the more the people would come to know them for who they are. They are nothing but envious vagabonds with no single honour or integrity to their names.

You will recall how several years similar persons tried to blackmail me claiming I had lions in my house, preventing innocent children from attending school and ordinary Deltans from going to work. What became of those lies?

The attention of the media and the world at large is therefore drawn to note all the above and what Mrakpor has planned to do with his assassins, as he once threatened in one of our altercations.

Let it be on record that should anything happen to my person or any member of my family, he should be held responsible by the Police.

The intention of Mrakpor, is to try to do any and everything to disrepute me before a God fearing man, Senator Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, all in an attempt to shore up his desire to be the Governor of Delta State having seen me as the greatest threat to his ambition.

Let me make it clear to you, gentlemen of the press, that we are more than capable to repel Mrakpor’s campaign of calumny and all his threats put together. The election of 2023 is a must do for Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi.

My entire group of businesses nationwide, including securities etc are put on notice to be vigilant as the desperation of this young man appears to have no limit.

Long live Ughelli South!

Long live Delta State!

Long live Nigeria!

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