Residents of some Ijaw communities in Edo state are apprehensive and have alerted the police of plots by a group of militants to disrupt the Ondo State governorship election scheduled for October 10 2020.

They say the majority of the militants were presently camped and causing confusion at Nikhorogha, an Ijaw community in Ovia South West Local Government Area of Edo State.

Mr. Vincent Daniel, the Special Assistant to Delta State governor on Security who disclosed this at a press conference in Benin City said one life has already been lost due to the militants’ activities.

He said: “The Inspector General of Police and the state government should do something about the militants’ camp at Nikhorogha. They are busy recruiting militants and camping them at Nikhorogha to cause mayhem in Ondo State during the forthcoming election.”

He remarked that there will be an upsurge in kidnappings, armed robberies and other violent crime after the Ondo State election, predicting that the heavily armed militants will turned their guns against the people in line with the old adage which holds that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

Daniel asked: “What happened after the Ondo election? We are presently trying to manage the problem of herdsmen in the country but we will be having another crisis if the activities of militants at Nikhorogha is not checked. I am sure they will turn their guns against innocent people after the Ondo election.”

While appealing to the Inspector General to probe the circumstances that led to the killing of one person in the area, he said the perpetrators should be brought to book.#

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