The Nigerian woman deserves diamonds for holding out in the face of Covid-19, economic and security challenges, ethnic polarization and gender issues affecting her essence.

This is the opinion of Barrister Iryn Omorogiuwa who chairs the Edo state branch of the International Federation of Women Lawyers, FIDA-Nigeria during an interview in Benin City.

She said, “I hate to sound like a broken cymbal but every time I say, ‘cry the beloved country. The average Nigerian woman is in a position of weakness. We are caught in a whole lot of things; we are not appreciated for who we are, we are not appreciated for our intelligence”.

The lawyer argued that, “We are confronted with making a beautiful home as the African mentality is that the woman’s responsibility begins and ends with the home; whether being in the corporate world or in the family. The men continue to be traditional”.

Recalling women of change in history like the Aba women, Queen Amina and Idia who stood up for their rights, she said these women should be today’s source of confidence for the woman in Nigeria because they were courageous and fought for change.

She also said that looking at Nigeria today with insecurity everywhere and especially Boko Haram in the Northeast, “women are at the receiving end. The men go to fight the insurgents and get killed and these terrorists come to the women left alone as breadwinners to rape, maim and kill them”.

Notwithstanding she said, “We are seeing more women in politics, more are in active politics and we are taking advantage of numbers. More women want to participate in what is going on. We are evolving but not as fast as most of us want”.

“Women must continue to put feet down, pray, not just pray; a lot of us are educated or trained, we know our rights; we should come up with our ideas and our thoughts. We should not feel relegated. We can make changes”.

According to Omorogiuwa, ” I also have hope that my generation and those coming after will be able to bring about changes in the course of time. I will advise us to hold the other woman, be there for the other woman”.

On the male folk she said, “They need our support to ensure that Nigeria becomes a great country. We must support them despite everything. There is hope for the Nigerian woman. It is tough but we will get there”.#



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