Sex is a no go area when it comes to communication. Everybody is into it but nobody ever talks about it.

However one type of sex that many want to talk about is rape. It is sad. It is evil. Victims die with the assault to avoid stigmatization. Families prefer it in the closet.

This week an undergraduate, Uwa who was raped and killed inside a church in Benin City Nigeria was finally laid to rest.

It is rape in the human world. And it comes with heavy fines and jail terms in many other parts of the world.

It is the case of the man having sex with a woman without her consent. Some go as far as tying up the woman and then go to have sex in a bizarre sense. Some give it another name for the fun and excitement, it comes with.

But not so in the animal kingdom. Some rape others as it were because they need to, for procreation to continue. Some animals have to protect themselves by tying up the opposite sex to sleep with her.

It is to stay alive thereafter. Among some community of spiders, research say it is one of the many courtship rituals they engage in during mating.

But some males attack the females in the heat of the process, so over time the females have learnt to kill the males and eat them, before they do. But not before mating though.

Now the males are wiser. So they toast the females to a point of no return and then as part of foreplay, tie them up with their web and then do it!

Now the research is ongoing by some scientists at University of Toronto Scarborough, in Canada to find out precisely why the male spider takes this bold action. It’s not all species of spider though: some.

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