It is always good to start small. Is it not an admonition that we should not despise the days of small beginnings. And that a mustard seed is so small but after its planted, it grows to become the biggest scrub in the forest.

All this talk is taking us to the couple whose firm recently partnered with Pfizer International and is about to become billionaires, bigger than the largest of German Banks today.

When they decided in 2008 to set up a small business with focus on carrying out research, the couple Ugur Sabin and his wife, Ozlem Tulenchi and their friend had no idea that tomorrow will come soon. Now shares in their company are surging towards the billions.

It was their idea to start small and gradually climb the ladder of success. They were not in a hurry. They believed in time. They had faith. They trusted that the future belongs to those with ideas.

The firm is BioNTech. It is a German company and the Chief executive is Uğur Şahin. With Pfizer, Sahin who started the company with his wife and later had a daughter who they brought on board have been working on finding a solution to the virus that has devastated the world.

Quietly they have worked until last week when after using their vaccine candidate on trials that number three, the board of trial informed Pfizer boss who later told Sahin that their vaccine was currently ninety percent effective in preventing illness due to the Corona virus.

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