For women who do know where it and most men too, do not bother at all.

If over the years, decades and centuries you have only been hearing about it and all humanly possible attempts by you – in some cases- with your spouse have failed to locate it.

Nobody ever died from not knowing where the G-spot of Eve actually is located in the female homo sapiens. In as much as its existence or location has not deprived anyone of the job at hand, it is all good.

But it is there. Women who know about its location relish it and tell their men what to do with it, when the need, which very often arises.

However it is not a big deal in most cases, people just carry on and live like that read the chapters that suits their fancy and close the book.

Now some neurologists say No. There are many women out there who should make use of it once they know its location. They also say that size matters in this whole matter.

Mr Beverly Whipple, is a popular neurophysiologist. With another they wrote a book in the eighties about the G-spot. Now some people have taken the controversy further and its all for the interest of the women.

At the University of Aquila, in the European country of Italy, Emmanuele Jannini is working with a team and they decided to look for clues of sexual function in the area where the G spot was or is located.

They picked one enzyme, and labelled it. This one eats up the gas facilitating erections in humans. This enzyme also ensures that Viagra works

Around the clitoris, some
evidence of nitric oxide action has earlier been found, but not these enzymes or their locations.

All these enzymes, yes, are inhabitants of the G spot in 3 of 5 subjects. But in two of them lower concentrations of the enzymes were found and, no Skene glands, which produces the female, ‘semen’.

And for these kind of women, the result is that they cannot ever have a vaginal orgasm. You know why? They may be there but too small to spot. Also, the small size of the area should make a G-spot orgasm a rarity. Its only with a bigger Gspot that women can have it.

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