Yoghurt is a popular drink some people enjoy, frozen. It’s made from milk that has been left to ferment for days. The process is considered healthy by the many who relish the drink because in the end it is soothing and refreshing, especially on a hot day.

Bicycle boys were popular for hawking FAN yoghurt in many urban cities in several African countries in the past. Some still do. The drink comes in sizeable packs and in Nigeria sells for between N100 and N200.

These boys are however loosing interest in the job because apart from the poor pay, the market is no longer encouraging. Many people now go for real natural Yoghurt that comes in bigger packs, fresh from stores.

Some say it is no longer considered hygienic to buy the product from a dirty boy hawking it on a worn out bicycle. People are increasing becoming health conscious and that’s a big thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is not about sales but what researchers are finding out in Wuhan. Yes. China. They have found out long ago that Yoghurt is very good for you as you age: 40+ It is advised that you drink as much as you can daily because it helps the bones.

That’s good for some people though, as there are complaints by some that the drink could be fattening and try as much as they can and want to have a regular drink of the health portion, the mere fact that it is sweetened and unnatural – with sugar makes it unattractive.

Well if doctors say it is good for the bones, then so be it. What is needed is to look out for pure natural non sweetened version of Yoghurt and help yourself to a good dose daily and very regularly too.

Now the bacteria from Yoghurt is helping researchers who have found that it makes bone fractures heal faster and even prevent infections that comes with surgery. Surgery is one of the treatments to correct fracture when it happens.

Hubei University is in Wuhan,China. Here is where Lei Tei is conducting this life changing research which looks forward to help the future of healing bone fractures as fast as possible.

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