Men are thinking out of this Earth, so much so that as early as 2050 and 2100, they plan to have one city built on the planet Mars.

To be called Nuwa, this city will be a technological feat deploying robots and artificial intelligence to do much if not all of the work.

Since we know that Man presently cannot live on Mars, the idea of going to literally build is out of it. Mars has not been human friendly.

The idea is coming from the Catalina Institute for Space Studies, in Mexico and the product of a recently concluded contest.

Nobody thought about this decades ago, but trust Man who is always thinking up for new things, with new challenges, already, thinking of ways out.

Nuwa according to those involved when ready for use by those who will live in it, would have space big enough to accommodate up to 250,000 people.

All of them will have be provided with such basic things like accommodation, healthcare and other items. It is not known yet if its city job or personal costs to do so.

However, with high hopes that succeeds, Nuwa is one of the four cities being proposed to be located on the planet and at the proper time.

By the time the city is ready there is little doubt that Man would have found ways to make it habitable!

Before then though Alfredo Munoz, is an architect and operates the Abiboo Studio. He designed the future city.

Now when man is ready to live in Nuwa, one Person will be able to acquire only 276 square metres.

To be built of tunnels into cliffs Nuwa would provide protection from exposure to radiation from sunlight.

It will have caves to play host to parks, stadia or auditorium and it will have a large dose of transparent walls and ceilings.

With construction proposed to start in 2050, man is right now designing the rockets that would take the city up to Mars.

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