The Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Agabi Godiri who was reported to have died after he was shot by gunmen last week in Benin City, the Edo state capital in South Nigeria, is alive and not dead.

This is contrary to some reports that the police officer died at the hospital where he was taken for medical attention weekend.

Police sources say however that Mr Godiri who is Area Commander in charge of the Benin Metro Command is recuperating in the hospital.

Thr Area commander sustained a slight injury after he ran into gunmen at Upper Sokponba road, who immediately opened fire on his car, sighting him.

But he was able to drive away from the scene as he called for back-up with men who came and took him to the hospital for immediate attention.

Meanwhile, the police in Edo has said that the public space will not be left for miscreants to dominate.

They say they have now rolled out measures that will soon help in check criminal elements across the state.

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