Headphones and earphones or earpieces will soon be out of fashion. You need them to affix to your ears so you can enjoy the audio from music, games and videos on your mobile device or computer.

Can you recall the number of times the headphone or earphones ceased to work and at a very auspicious moment and you had no option than to replace it or go without the purpose for which you needed it?

The headphone over the head or the earphone under the chin with cables making it possible to hear what you want has been a delight.

There are wireless versions though of these devices which use Bluetooth technology to deliver better quality sounds, except that they use up more power.

Well all that will soon be a thing of the past because they will be replaced by a new device that works to send the sound directly to the ears of the user.

The sound beamer 1.0 which is the new device can send audio into a user’s ears directly, from the computer.

Presently a desktop device, it is the idea of an Israeli company called Noveto Systems. It makes the audio sound like its inside the head of the user, behind the ears, in front and even above it.

This it does by using a technology that discovers and follows the ear of the user. When it finds the ears of sends the audio through ultrasound waves near them.

To ensure that only the ears of the user is tracked so that all the eras in a room do not end up buzzed with the same sound from nowhere, the device is personalized. It follows the user everywhere so long as it is activated.

The device is not coming to the market before Christmas this year. It is for the Christmas of 2021. That means we can still make do with our head phones and ear phones till then.

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