For many people their personal body odour which comes from their sweat is the last thing they want to smell.

This is so for many in the hot regions of the world where the sun ensures that once you are out of the house, you sweat.

Many are repulsed by the smell or scent and they feel the odor irritates others when they are in a crowd.

So apart from taking regular bath to cool the body down and reduce the smell, some follow up with antiperspirants or deodorants, which kills the bacteria that causes the body odor.

These antiperspirants come as smart spray in cans or as roll-ons which is worn on the armpit to keep the sweat from escaping.

For some time now health personnel have warned of the consequent of prolonged use of these antiperspirants citing damage to the skin and cancer issues.

Their concern grew from the realisation that sweating is natural and the only way it gets out of the body is the way it does, so stopping it is unnatural.

However this has not stopped the manufacturing of antiperspirants which is a billion dollar global industry and there is a market for it.

But now worried by its dangers to human health some researchers have come with a way whereby the sweat is not trapped but allowed to still do the work of antiperspirants.

Professor Jonathan Boryeko is working on sweat so that before it begins to break out on the skin it can become solid strong enough to clog the duct.

Fact is deodorants contain metallic salts that help stop the sweat, and give the pleasant body smell instead.

His work at the Virginia Technology Limited which is ongoing, and is to make the sweat do this naturally rather than getting something from outside the body to do the same task deodorants perform.

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