The race is getting fiercer for which company in the world takes the lead in coming up with the most efficacious vaccine against the dreaded Covid-19.

The latest entrant is m-RNA-1273 from the laboratory of Moderna which has a 94.5% efficacy against the virus after a trial of over 90 persons.

The vaccine candidate according to the firm can be shipped and stored for 6-months at -2 degrees centigrade in refrigerators.

And even when it is out of the refrigerators perhaps due to power outages as is common in most poor countries of the world, this vaccine candidate can remain stable.

That is, it can still do the work it is supposed to at temperatures of between 2 to 8 degrees outside the refrigerators, and for 30days to six months thereafter.

The BioNtech and Pfizer International effort has a 90% efficacy as was announced recently and this puts it far behind the Moderna vaccine candidate.

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