Renown Nigerian film producer, screen writer and director, Mr Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, has condemned the ongoing bloodbath in Benin City, the Edo state capital by youths in the name of cultism.

He however said the solution is local police for the States in the country: "This calls for local police or community policing not where you have people coming to police a place they hardly know".

He told THISNIGERIA that , "I do not really know what is going on because I am not there in Edo state but as an Edo person, I strongly condemn whatever it is that is causing the killings because it is bad for business, it is bad for our state, it is bad for our image and it is bad for our existence".

Mr Imasuen who is from Edo state said, "There is no way any meaningful development can take place in any society where there is strife, rancor, robberies and all sorts of criminal activities. It is affecting us adversely as people now live in fear and in doubt of themselves.

"You walk into a place in Benin City you are afraid, you do not know those who are there in braid day light. Everybody is not sure of everybody. Its a very negative trend".

Mr Imasuen also blamed the Police system in the country for the ugly development which has seen corpses of up to 25 youths littering Benin streets.

He said, "The present system of policing is negative and whoever planned this system for Nigeria does not wish the country well because it was designed to fail. Everything is a pointer to the fact that Nigeria was designed to fail".

" How would anybody say the local government chairman is the chief of security in his local government when he has no power over the police and has no security architecture under his control?".

Mr Imasuen said that the state government is handicapped even when the Governor is keen on securing the lives and properties of Edo people.

" Sometimes you are tempted to blame the state government but what you have is the Governor is the Chief Security officer of the state on paper; he lacks the legal backing to effectively function in that capacity'.

He said, " This is the fault of Nigeria. What is so condemning is why this law has not been changed to give Governor the authority as Chief Security officers, so we can hold them responsible, when there is any problem within their states.

According to him, "The state Governor took an oath to protect the lives of citizens only in mere words. We are now hopeless. I hope and pray like many Nigerians that each day will be better, that God will intervene and touch the hearts of the people that are perpetuating this evil so that they can have a change of heart or turn a new leaf. That's all we can do: pray, pray and pray more".

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