Have you ever been exposed to pollution in any form for a long period of time? There is pollution from gas fumes, from smoke or cars and factories.

If your answer is positive then there are very possible chances that someday in the future, those fumes of Nitrogen dioxide you inhaled will come back to haunt you, health wise!.

There are ongoing investigations that that as you age, having Ber exposed to prolonged pollution you will definitely suffer symptoms of depression.

The effort is that of investigators at the University of Southern California who are carrying out a study on air pollution as affects individuals.

They are saying based on their investigation so far that if an individual has been exposed to Nitrogen dioxide or fumes such a person could have depression symptoms.

The finding published in the journal of American Geriatrics Society, is the first step in trying to explain the effect of air pollution depression and subsequent loss of memory that older person face.

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