A former Commissioner for youths and sports in Edo state, Mrs Omorede Marshall has advised the Edo state governor to deploy the huge sums allotted for security in the state’s annual budget to fund and equip security agencies, to reduce the current crime wave in the state.

Mrs Marshall who spoke in Benin city said that the alarming crime wave in the state could have been avoided since Edo state according to Wikipedia gets about N900million monthly as security votes.

She said, “That is several billions in a year. If he provides the Police with the apparatus they need there is no doubt that they will do the needful”.

Mrs Marshall said the Police in Edo, “do not have the requisite men and materials rights now to do well and it is the duty of the governor to make that happen. If he knows he cannot guarantee the security of lives and property of the people in the state then he should stop collecting all that huge security vote, every month. That is the problem.

“That money can provide the Police all that they need to work and stop what is going on in the state. We know that during the protests they lost a lot in terms of arms and ammunitions and these have to be replaced. The governor must of necessity sit down with the security agencies and discuss how to get them what they need and go on from there”.

In her words, “The Governor is the chief security officer of the state and he is not carrying out his job properly in that capacity. If he says he does not control the Police is that not why he gets so much as security vote about half a billion naira every month”.

On the spate of killings and crime in the state she said, “I don’t know why there is so much killing going on but what is happening is that in Benin City and Edo state is so much insecurity in the state and nothing is actually being done to stem the tide”.

She said, ” I was happy to hear that the Police Inspector-general sent five units of mobile policemen to the state as a result. I can say that the problem actually started with the protests before it was hijacked by hoodlums who went to carry out the jail breaks in Benin City and set all manners of criminals free”.

“Since then the city has not been the same. And a lot of those who escaped are still out there as nobody has been able to bring them back into custody”, she concluded.

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