Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of Stare of United States of America, has sent congratulatory sent congratulatory messages to the Latvian and Oman people as they celebrate the anniversary of their national days.

Latvia is 102years old as an independent nation while Oman is 50 years as a nation. In the message from the US state department to Latvia the Secretary said:

‘The United States and Latvia enjoy a strong bond based on our shared values and commitment to defending our liberty and freedom as NATO Allies. Thank you for your partnership as we face together the global pandemic and challenges to our shared security.

“I am sure our friendship will grow even stronger as we continue to build our defense capabilities, counter malign influence, secure our networks, increase our trade and business ties, and foster the people-to-people connections that will define our friendship for generations to come”.

To Oman Pompeo said he wished His Majesty Sultan Haitham and the people of the Sultanate of Oman a joyous celebrations.

He said, “As you mark this historic 50th National Day, your first as Sultan, we recognize our enduring bilateral cooperation and the important role the Sultanate plays in promoting stability in the region. We look forward to the further strengthening of our economic and security partnership in the years to come under your steadfast leadership.

” I also extend my gratitude for your assistance in October in facilitating the safe release of two U.S. citizens unjustly detained in Yemen. I wish you and the Omani people peace, prosperity, and good health as you celebrate your National Day”.

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