The world is devastated by a the second wave of Covid-19 right now and caught napping again.

From China to Russia, France,UK, USA to South Korea, Switzerland, Canada, many are dying as the world comes up with a vaccine.

But not so in Africa where as it appears, like we are no longer a part of this world, we remain the last continent.

Many here only have a new view of the virus. Schools are open without any restrictions. Shops are open as government offices.

The rules against the virus have been jettisoned. No one is washing hands regularly or frequently with running water. No.

Hand sanitizers are rare. Face masks are going away fast. Its look odd seeing a lady well dressed and wearing a mask. Many look at her and hush.

There are many large gatherings holding weekends and even weekdays, for rallies, parties, dances, carnivals and as the world mourns, we celebrate.

What a continent? Some say the virus is Alain to African and that the best keeps it away. Others hope the vaccine will get to us before the virus strikes a second wave.

Is this is the hope and perhaps the rationale for the carelessness that has now enveloped Africa with governments unperturbed and undecided!

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