Are you not tired of charging your phones everywhere you go? And to that you need to pack all the chargers and it’s many cables depending on the number of devices you have.

Is it a laptop, your iPhone or the and road device, you need chargers to keep them up and running so they serve your purpose when you need to use them.

How would it fell like to be able to charge any or all of these devices at once wherever you are and with electricity present and without the chargers?

Well that will soon be a reality as a report in the journal Nature Communications says that they are studying how to make a force from across the room beam energy to all devices in that room to recharge them.

They say from their work so far, the anti laser effect exercise has a 99.9% efficiency no matter how many devices there are air how crowded the room maybe.

They say it is actually a case of having a machine release electric power which another just sicks up and the circle continues endlessly.

Also there are hopes that the static energy in the room could help to play also recharge our electronic in the near future.

This way you can play your electronic without necessarily plugging them to the wall socket because the energy in the room would just take the work off you.

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